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  1. hey - how's the quality of the subway tiles? Can trouble you to show me a close-up pic? Thinking to see the 3D effect
  2. Hi Yolo, I really super like your house but my budget not big Can I ask for the cost of toilet door and the shower screen for both toilets? Did Mr K source them for you? If you don't mind, can share the cost of Reno the 2 toilets? Coz I'm doing my Reno in stages, so this can be my next project Thanks so much!
  3. Hi Kelvin - can you share your electrician contact with me too? Thanks!
  4. Hi - want to ask have your tiles arrive? and do you mind sharing how much did the total shipment weight and cost? trying to plan for mine, coz single income, must spend wisely, every penny counts The subway tiles in Hafary cost $4.50 per sqft, but I saw in the shop next to it and it cost $3.00 per sqft. Thanks in advance!
  5. i'm torn between the normal subway tiles and the beveled ones... why must we be given so many choices!
  6. Hi - may I ask for buying sinks, faucets, basins, shower heads, etc from amazon or other countries, is there anything we have to note about, like their compatibility to be used in SG? thanks!
  7. Hi may I ask is there anything I should look out for when buying shower heads, mixer, faucet, basin, sink etc online from Amazon or other country? Is it compatible to be used in SG? Thanks!
  8. I'm also in the FB group Btw, can share how do you buy the subway tiles in the TB, do you have to specify how many pieces? Can't wait to see your subway tiles, have you seen the ones selling at Hafary? if you do, do you mind telling me how the TB quality like compared with Hafary? That way I know what to expect I will be hacking the wall between dining and kitchen completely, build a half height wall (something like yours in the pic but about 30cm in) and build a breakfast counter. Also intend to put up black framed triple fold glass window at the ledge. I don't intend to do upper kitchen cabinet, so the wall at the ceiling pipe/sink area and any other exposed wall area will be completely covered with subway tiles all the way to the ceiling, also intend to cover the outside of the kitchen wall as well, all around the ledge and maybe the external kitchen wall near the main door. For counter top - will be going for kompacplus - either black or white. Actually I might even lay subway tiles in toilet too!! Not sure if I will suffer from subway-tiles-overdose or not!! Like you, i'm thinking of black grouting but the ID I spoke to don't recommend, he said the color will 'run'??
  9. 504D I'm still meeting ID / Contractors, hopefully I can find one by end of March!!
  10. Hi - love the look and feel of your home - is this AB coz i'm from there too Have you receive the subway tiles ok? I might consider getting from TB - may I ask which forwarder or agent you used? Is the shipping expensive?
  11. Hi May I ask does the bedframe fits our Singapore mattress? Can you share the link? Thank you in advance! G