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  1. Hi Salad

    Pls advise contacts for Krono Original Laminates (name of ur floor pls) & DIY brick wall materials & technic please.

    THANK YOU, very much.

    PS: have a blessed holidays! nice brick wall matches the tree too ... heeheee

  2. Hi !

    Can U pls share the KO installer contact? Ur floor looks very nice.

    May I know if u also install the same for the bedrooms?

    May I know what made U chose them over the rest?

    Thank you muchie.

  3. Hello! Happy to hear of your lucky escape. Hahahaha

    I am torn between Quick Step or Krono Step.

    Can U kindly share your contacts so that I may speak to them directly to decide?

    Thank you muchie.

  4. Hi

    Can U advise your contacts for Krono Step?

    Sales + Installer, please.

    I am shortlisting laminates for my new nest.

    Krono Steps or Quick Steps? Hmmmmmm...

    Thank you.

  5. HELLO!

    Can I please have David's contacts? May I know after use now, are u still satisfied with quality of QS? Lastly, may I know what laminate did u chose for living rm & bedrooms?

    I might be laminating the whole house except wet areas as I don't like cold feeling of tiles. So ur advice is GREATLY appreciated. TKS.

  6. hello.

    kindly share your mover's contact?


  7. Sorry .... It was just nice when I preview the post.

    But it was cut off upon posting.

    Here's the remaining text :

    May I benefit from your hard work? Kindly share V's contacts. MANY THANK.


  8. Hello Elaine

    Congrats to U & Alvin for your dream home.

    Love the wardrobe. Love the honeycomb tiles. Love the Wine / dish drying rack. Love the chalkboard.


    The Lord will greatly bless your beautiful home, esp as u inscribed the verses on the chalkboard.

    May I benefit from your hard work? Kindly s...

  9. Hi SohNice

    You have transformed a really ugly original HDB into a very beautiful home. Looks like a Condo from inside!

    U have used many smart items that I am also keen in.

    Kindly share with me so that I may benefit from your hard work. Thanks in advance !

    1. Floor Trap, Intellicorder, Bike Bar Pole & Philips wall down light (price & where ...

  10. Hi Frankman, Smart move! Yes, shopping in Singapore is no longer as enjoyable because it's so expensive now. Kindly PM me your taobao agent/forwarder contact so that I can also save for my retirement. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Hi!

    I just want to comment on your sharing of your contacts at the bottom of your signature.


    PS: I might copy you when my reno is completely done as well 8) I am now still in the sourcing stage, thus reading RenoTalk forums as much as I can to gather new knowledge. There is so much to learn.


  12. Be Polite. Be Happy. Be Myself.

  13. Many thanks, Andreja.

    Sorry that I may have missed reading that.

    Have a nice weekend.


  14. Hello !

    I am new to the blog and am looking not for a carpenter who can build FIXED wood stuff but rather a carpenter who can build me stuff that is mobile & I can take it away with me when I relocate.

    So my heart leaped for joy on reading about your Malacca treasure finds. Glad it passed your expectation in terms of workmanship.

    Pls email me the contacts - k...

  15. Hello

    Pls share your contact for your carpenter.

    Thank you.

  16. Hello TaiChiPanda

    Do U mind sharing the name & contacts of your architect friend who did your reno ?

    Many thanks,