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  1. Hello people, I am one of those who bought KDK fan from Johor. I bought 4 ceiling fans from Tampoi Lightings. Do note for singapore use, KDK only have sensa 4 (56 inch diameter) and the baby fan (44 inch diameter). KDK has no 48 inch so best you go for Panasonic 48 inch if you dont want to buy from SG. Now singapore electricians hate the KDK malaysia fan because they always wobble. Both my 4 blade fan was wobbling at low speed. However, today I managed to solve it. What the electrician and I did was we swap the position of each blades. My sensa 4 has 4 blades so there's a lot of permutation to try. We swap two times and manage to get my fan wobble-free. He was quite stressed and scared cause i was really firm in getting the wobbling issue fixed. Googling online will tell you of this fan balancing kit (some weights to paste at your blades). Try to patiently swap the position of each blades till cannot already then you can try the balancing kit as a last resort. The balancing kit cost less than $10. I call KDK singapore and they don't entertain fans bought from Malaysia as they don't have the safety seal chop so u might wanna get the contact posted by Peter above.
  2. No worries. it is not late. I am notified of updates on threads I post. Thank you for sharing your experience. I would be getting the Baron 888 as i feel it's the best value.
  3. Thanks man. I'm planning to use Citygas gas water heater so not sure if it can supply to three locations.
  4. Wah, thank you very much for the picture of the packaging. Now i will need to hide this post from my wife. Later she'll scream "Corelleeeeeee!!!"
  5. Thank you for the pic of the simple shelf. I was the one who requested for it. And the packing of the corelle dinnerware! Don' forget. Haha.
  6. Thank you for the link. I will also be getting Corelle dinnerware on Amazon. Although I'm confident Amazon will pack it properly, I have slight worries that the dinnerware might crack when it reach here. When you receive it, can you let me know how is the packaging, (just take picture will do haha)
  7. Getting the Corelle dinnerware is a little bit tricky if you want free shipping. Some designs offer free shipping, some don't. Do you have the links of the bath towel set? Looks promising.
  8. Thank you. I'm keen on them but I do not speak Mandarin. I'll probably meet them and see how it goes.
  9. I spent my entire internship doing powerpoint that's why its familiar. Haha.
  10. Yeah there should be a bottle trap. I remember reading one of the t blog here and the forumer had his sink choked. His sink plumbing is similar to this. You should get a plumber to place a bottle trap.
  11. I understand J and E converse in Mandarin well. I read that E converse in English but not that well. Can you confirm?
  12. Thank you. I just read you recently ventured into Amazon. Don't get hooked! It's as poisonous as Taobao
  13. I enjoyed reading your blog. Very detailed and I can see contractor Boon is really attentive to the needs of the occupiers of the house (ie. position of shower screen). It's nice you got a good contractor! I especially enjoyed looking at your floor plan drawings complete with legends (suspiciously on Powerpoint).