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  1. Woah, your house is looking so vintage-y! I likey!
  2. Depends on what you need lor. If you need someone to design and plan your space, look for the ID and don't complain so much on the 'outsourcing'. Otherwise if you're able to supervise, space plan and come out with your own design, get a contractor. They'll just follow what you ask them to do.
  3. Your kitchen's tiles make a part of it looks so dirty, like so orh-so-so. Hahahaha. Anyway good job on your t-blog! I enjoy reading the texts, you can probably be an author already.
  4. Woah you've got really bad luck! Paid 100k for a disaster prone reno. x.x Go to his shop and bang table daily!
  5. Ah, my favourite brickwall! Good luck for your reno!
  6. Good luck for your reno! I'll be looking forward to stalk your blog!
  7. Perhaps you can request for quotation in Renotalk, and then wait for all of them to contact you. You'll be overwhelmed with choices! Arrange for meet-ups with the chosen ones and then decide?
  8. That's a very nice concept you have there! Must be a real hectic, to prepare for both renovation and wedding! Hubs and I are leaning towards the vintage/cosy feel, with brickwalls + spotlights but at the same time adding hints of minimalist (small space, sigh!) inside. Ahhhhhhhhh, such an exciting period! Goodluck!!
  9. Nowadays contractors are disguising as IDs too, so the rates wont be that cheap la. Perhaps 20% cheaper lor i guess......... But you need your own design, everything also do yourself. Phew, so mafan!