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  1. what type of crack? have photo? must see how big is the crack
  2. Please take caution in topping up of the balcony floor. There is always a max load on how much more weight can the balcony floor withstand. HDB balcony (some ) has less max load than the normal flooring, so most often, condo will also has that. in worst case, cracks and falling of concrete will occur at your below neighbour unit... then sure lots of legal issues. Best is to check out your condo management on topping up/overlaying. 2 and 3 sure cannot. because management condo wants a 'uniform' look on the outside
  3. yes you can hack away the top tile, but of cos, you must overlay with new tiles after the works. of cos, there is a small chance that the waterproofing might be damaged.. but it all depends on how the overlaid tiles are installed.
  4. Hiya! I would like to know the contact of the direct hacker as well 🙂 Thank you!

  5. hi can u kindly share the direct hacking contact 


    1. chrisoak


      Hi Kangeroo168,

      Can you pls provide me the list of hackers?


    2. kangeroo168


      Hi sorry do u still need the list of hackers? Sorry Long time I no log in

  6. Hi, do you have contact for direct hacking. Can you share with me. 

    1. WindLim


      Hi, pls contact 90695669.Thanks

  7. Hi, do you have contact for direct hacking. Can you share with me. 

  8. ok, HTAN, its yes and no. u can take off false ceiling, and redo. this definitely will be nicer. u don't need to take off false ceiling, but the joints between the ceiling and the wall tiles will definitely does not look as nice as u redo the false ceiling. so it actually depends on ur threshold to workmanship and ur budget.
  9. no its not... pm u for a more reasonable contact
  10. there is nothing u can do with it because its the problem with the underlying tiles, and not the vinyl flooring. if the uneven is something like a pothole, u still stand a small chance of putting foam or even fill up that area with light weight cement. if its bulging up like a hill, then no choice, u have to hack that surrounding area, and then smoothen it. then relay back the vinyl floor.
  11. well, as a layman pov, most of us are thinking tilera are short changing us. however, bigger tiles= heavier tiles =bigger cutting tools = bigger leverage when laying tiles = more difficult in laying tiles, and in same instance 800 or even 1m tiles sometimes need 2 tiler just to align/carry around. I do not know the market price increase for using 800mm tiles, but I do know it is more expensive than 600mm tiles.
  12. normally people will not buy the pond, or u have to wait really long for a buyer to be interested. because most fish lovers will not take a 2nd hand pond, fearing of contamination to their fishes etc etc. quickest way is to just ask people to dispose it away and fill up the hole.
  13. If your house is New or not yet 3 years old, u are not suppose to hack the toilet. (See HDB website for the restriction of BTO flats) that's why I say, ur contractor is very very daring to do this, willing to risk his license points and fines by both parties.
  14. I give u a contact for direct hacker. Maybe u check with them can get a more accurate pricing