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  1. what type of crack? have photo? must see how big is the crack
  2. Please take caution in topping up of the balcony floor. There is always a max load on how much more weight can the balcony floor withstand. HDB balcony (some ) has less max load than the normal flooring, so most often, condo will also has that. in worst case, cracks and falling of concrete will occur at your below neighbour unit... then sure lots of legal issues. Best is to check out your condo management on topping up/overlaying. 2 and 3 sure cannot. because management condo wants a 'uniform' look on the outside
  3. yes you can hack away the top tile, but of cos, you must overlay with new tiles after the works. of cos, there is a small chance that the waterproofing might be damaged.. but it all depends on how the overlaid tiles are installed.
  4. ok, HTAN, its yes and no. u can take off false ceiling, and redo. this definitely will be nicer. u don't need to take off false ceiling, but the joints between the ceiling and the wall tiles will definitely does not look as nice as u redo the false ceiling. so it actually depends on ur threshold to workmanship and ur budget.
  5. no its not... pm u for a more reasonable contact
  6. there is nothing u can do with it because its the problem with the underlying tiles, and not the vinyl flooring. if the uneven is something like a pothole, u still stand a small chance of putting foam or even fill up that area with light weight cement. if its bulging up like a hill, then no choice, u have to hack that surrounding area, and then smoothen it. then relay back the vinyl floor.
  7. well, as a layman pov, most of us are thinking tilera are short changing us. however, bigger tiles= heavier tiles =bigger cutting tools = bigger leverage when laying tiles = more difficult in laying tiles, and in same instance 800 or even 1m tiles sometimes need 2 tiler just to align/carry around. I do not know the market price increase for using 800mm tiles, but I do know it is more expensive than 600mm tiles.
  8. normally people will not buy the pond, or u have to wait really long for a buyer to be interested. because most fish lovers will not take a 2nd hand pond, fearing of contamination to their fishes etc etc. quickest way is to just ask people to dispose it away and fill up the hole.
  9. If your house is New or not yet 3 years old, u are not suppose to hack the toilet. (See HDB website for the restriction of BTO flats) that's why I say, ur contractor is very very daring to do this, willing to risk his license points and fines by both parties.
  10. I give u a contact for direct hacker. Maybe u check with them can get a more accurate pricing
  11. so u mean u want to hack whole house flooring , or just 3bedroom and 1 study room? whole house should be around 3k
  12. Floor tiles, u also must see how many are hollow. They may crack together or individually. They may also crack while someone is stepping on TOP of it, thus resulting in injury. Normally if a house have so many hollowed floor and wall tiles, it's best to redo all. Want to pain, just pain one time, rather than keep rectifying bit by bit in the future
  13. Both of your Contractors are correct. Hollow tiles, if u don't tamper with them, shouldn't be a problem. However , there have been some cases where the tiles loosen so much that they drop out. That is what happened to one of my friends house in Tampines. His wall tiles all drop down.
  14. Nope. The costing is the same regardless of tiles or marble or granite. Estimation of cost will differs to see ur house type (3 room , 4 room etc ) and is there shifting of furniture or also hacking other things your house is how many rooms
  15. Tanny, responsible contractor or ID will update u on a daily basis even if u are not free to go down. Ask them to send photos on the progressing works to keep your mind at ease
  16. after collecting the keys, first thing is, check for defects. if there is, ask hdb to rectify. u can engage either contractor or ID, or even do things at your own. see which one u are more comfortable, and if u have lots of time, can liaise all things yourself. of cos, engaging contractor or ID will be more costly as compared to doing all things yourself, cos they are providing a service in return for money. pm u liaoz
  17. Hi jen jen, yes, meeting them tends to be better as they will explain to u on the spot what are the unforeseen problems. sending emails, u can cast ur net wider, as in ask more contractor for quotes, but most of them will have hidden problems or costing in between. I have pm u some contacts maybe u can ask them ..
  18. well Jackson, this quotation has too many question marks over its costing. 1. hacking demolition : its a bit overpriced. 15 and 16. this is where the question marks comes in. from what I understand, you are re-doing 1 living room and 2 bedroom flooring. it is too cheap to be true. I seriously doubt the pricing. unless u buy the tiles yourself, then its still a bit reasonable 18. what? waterproofing the kitchen water trap area only? I thought we are supposed to water proof the whole kitchen instead of the water trap area? are you sure that's the correct procedure? electrical and plumbing wise, is a tad expensive. both can shave off a couple of hundreds. 62, 63, 65 a tad expensive. can negotiate. but seriously, your this quote is written in a way to confuse people. I have a hard time following the items. although the overall pricing seems reasonable, but some things are just too cheap. cheap is good, but if cheap involves using inexperienced workers, then the end problem is passed to the owners. would suggest u to compare a few quotes.
  19. Just go to any old tiles shop in defu or Eunos . There should have. U must take note, if u have edging, the tiles is different type. Must have 1 side that is rounded. Grout powder I think those diy shop will have. U need to have chemical cement, cement, W1 , chisel, hammer, cutter(if it's at a difficult position to hack) scrapper, mallet(for soft knocking on the installed tiles) the small strip to make the allowance between the tiles. somemore u need to know the correct mixture of those cements and chemicals. In short, its best to engage a professional tiler to save all the trouble.
  20. hi ts, as far as I can see, many of the items are overpriced. are u just buying the design, that's why u engage this ID? because if u have some specific design, its better to engage a contractor. even the standard package of the $12888 are over priced...
  21. advice: 1. pulling the carpentry out, re-run and putting them back sounds easy, BUT if u go micro into the problem, u will see that its not as easy as it seems. firstly, taking the carpentry out sometimes involves breaking the laminate, wood etc. once broken, are u able to find back the same tone of the laminate? if no, are u able to accept some of the edges jagged? secondly, no carpenters (or those desperate for sales) will accept your proposal. this is because if those things happen to break in the process of taking out, it will be chargable to who? 3rdly, sometimes those trunkings of the cables will intersect with ur carpentry. cutting an allowance might not be feasible. 2. yes and no. u can take out the laminates, but u might not be able to repolish the tiles. also must depend on what tiles. u can only do deep cleaning to remove the glue stains. but will not be 100% removed. sure will have some spots here and there.
  22. well, granite is tough, but being a natural stone, it tends to have small spacing in between them. the stains looks like it came from the milky water that plaster guys accidentally spilled on it. and left it there...