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  1. Did anyone contacted Alex to get the Haiku fan? Any feedback?
  2. Hi there, do you mind sharing the contractor's contact? Thanks
  3. Faced with a similar situation, the ID asked for $1000 dollars for 3D drawings on first meeting. I ask him to fly kite.
  4. Hi Arnold, thanks for your informative posts! Learnt a lot from your personal experience. Do you mind to share Boon's contact? Thank you!
  5. Hi Ivy, Can you PM me as well? Thanks!
  6. Hi all! Have been reading this T blog since page 1 till now...page 62! I'm really amazed by all your purchases from TB and Amazon. Making me feel like going for online shopping now. Anyway I want to share a good deal with you guys. I have been looking for an air purifier for sometime...just now went to the Robinson expo and saw that novita is selling their air purifier at a discounted price of $469, instead of the usual $599.. They throw in a free filter worth $129 as well. When I went to the cashier, they told me total is only $419 cause any spending above $400 gets $50 off! Super worth it lah. Now I'm a happy man. One thing to note though, it's NAC 609, which is being replaced by 611. But basically both are the same just that 611 is more energy efficient. Can consider if you are looking for an air purifier.