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  1. Any recommendation? Saw Steigen's automatic laundry rack, but it costs $700!
  2. Have an old sofa now, and the padding inside has started to crumble. Looking to replace them instead of the entire sofa. Anyone aware of where it can be bought?
  3. After two years, a few problems here and there with the lights. need and electrician to help me fix things up, any recommendations pls?
  4. any links for the magnetic keychain/letter holder?
  5. thanks guys my kitchen cabinets have already been built so I'm looking for something that can be built inside, especially one that allows me to have a closed bin. anyone has a lead? I have been to HK At IMM and at Potonf Pasir. the latter branch has much more options. So hoping to know if anyone knows which shop and specific outlet is good, so I don't need to go on an island wide hunt
  6. does anyone have recommendations for which place have the widest range for these? picture of typical example below. I'm looking for one with an attached flat rubbish bin. have been to IMM but the range there is very small http://imgur.com/od9vtWE
  7. thanks guys... the electrical works are ongoing and the HDB contractor has moved the materials for screeding in... pics to follow soon!
  8. Here are some pics of the view.... of the home itself, it's quite the standard design that has been around for more than 10 years (see the floor plan) unfortunately we didnt take enough of those, except close ups of defects.
  9. we're asking for some extra electrical outlets and some outlets are being relocated. The electrician is intending to splice/extend for these purposes. Is this safe?
  10. Finally have collected my keys after postponing it, and dealing with tonnes of admin matters and scouting for IDs/contractors. After a long process, finally settled on an ID whom had a reasonable budget, and we could communicate well with. Actually, it's 2 of them from Summit Design Studio; they work as a team and I was quite impressed with their ability to grasp my ideas and sketch out a quick 3d depiction by pencil, as well as their understanding of the practical details: piping, wiring etc.
  11. i have no idea... there are much more stupid rules that don't apply to private housing but apply to hdb...
  12. What are the HDB restrictions? No changing of windows within first 3 years of a new flat? No hacking of kitchen and toilet tiles within first 3 years? No false ceiling for kitchen and toilet? No 2 pin friendly electrical outlets? why so many dumb rules.... ... anyone knows how they enfroce these? do they send people to spotcheck during the renovation or do they only do random spotcheck?