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  1. Hi, I am Fong, nice to meet u at here.

    Would you mind to share ur ID's contact with me?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi sforshor, mind to share the contact with me? If the price really reasonable i would like to get few for my mum place. Thanks!
  3. Anyone else can share the contact with me also?? Would like to get a fengshui master for my house also. Just move in about 2 months back but doesn't really "feel good". Just wonder any good recommendation? Don't want those fengshui master that use celebrities as their advertisement one. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Sound like they are using 3core40 cabling for the air-conditioner wiring. Nowadays majority of the air-conditioner technician is using 3 core 70.
  5. Most probably there is some gas leak at the compressor or the compressor is become weaker due to wear and tear. I believe you might need to get someone to go and check for you.
  6. Seem like we have the same ID!!! Hahahaha... I would say Ken is a very humour guy. My house have been hand over about 2 months ago and he still very responsive to my request to touch up here and there. I have never engaged any ID before as this is my 1st home so i got no ID to compare. But if you ask me how good is him, i would say Ken from Areana Creation will be the guy who i dare to recommend to my friends and family members without a 2nd thought. I have always wanted to come here & write a review about him. But due to work schedule, i can't really free myself to write him a good review on his overall performance. Since Ken have get your house done & you have put up a review about him, don't mind if i "hijack" your post and add on the review about him ya? Overall, my wife and i very satisfy with Ken. A very sincere guy who look skinny but full with idea. What surprise me more is he not only give proposal on the design, he even draw it out. I'm not sure whether is it all the ID know how to "draw" but according to some of my friends, usually ID will ask some other graphic designer to get the drawing done. That is why some of the ID i meet at expo last time insist want me to place a deposit before they able to provide us with a 3D drawing. Why i know he can draw? Hahah.. I got some amendment quite last mins and he get it done just right in front of me using his "magic" computer. So as a layman in graphic thing, my wife and i was very impressive with him. We always believe the person who draw and design will always understand well what have we discussed. That is why no much changes on all the 3D drawing when he show us. Thumb up for him!!!!!!!! From the starting of reno till the end, he always keep both my wife & i updated (He has created a whatsapp group which include both my wife and i inside). I hardly go down and check on the progress and he never disappointed both my wife and i. There is some minor area that need to be touch up after hand over but he never failed to answer my call or whatsapp. To summarize, i would say his quotation might not be the cheapest and also not the most expensive, but i will not forget for all the services that he provides to me. The only thing not good about him is FREE GIFT!!! He never give me any free gift no matter how hard i tried!!
  7. Hi, can pm your ID' S CONTACT??



  8. By the way just to add on, my id doesn't offer any free gift no matter how hard i tried.. But he did give me some gd deal on the final price. Hope my reno can go smooth.
  9. For those who have pm me for my id contact, i have reply u back. Pls check your inbox. Didn't expect that many of pm though Does it mean my quotation is good?? looool.. And sorry for the late reply. I don't come in this forum that often due to busy working schedule. So if anyone need it, pls reply here. And hope those that receive my pm can help to share my id contact out if i nv come in here and check.
  10. I just got my BTO key last week. But due to the tight working schedule, my wife and i got no time to source for a ID. A friend of mine have recommend me an ID and both my wife and i feel alright with this ID. The only concern is the quotation given by him. As we didn't source for any ID, so we unable to compare whether is the price given by this ID is reasonable or not. And furthermore my wife a bit worry as she heard sometimes when a ID is recommended by friend, the price will be a bit on the high side as the ID need to cover the person who recommend client to him. So we decide to seek advise from experience home owner/ ID here before we confirm the deal with him. Budget a bit tight, so need to kiasu a bit.. lool Above is the quotation we received. The final amount is $21838. Please advise is the price reasonable? Thanks in advance!