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  1. nice! looks bright and airy! who is your ID and how much did he quote?
  2. i always opt for short years as i like to be debt free asap, ofcourse this is not applicable to everybody, borrow within your means..
  3. hello mamit, do you mind sharing your shortlisted IDs before you ended up with BPS? goodluck with your reno!
  4. Hi Pickachuuu - congrats on getting your keys.. i send you pm to ask further on Contractor A and ID K.. promise i will not hold you responsible if they do something bad (see, im reading your disclaimers! thank you!
  5. can share designer An contacts and quotation pls? goodluck on your reno!
  6. agree, brickwall is a must for scandi theme ! i still need to do my homework in getting the tiles directly from JB if i push thru with this one
  7. My son is 5 and i dont let him play alone outside with his friends. I ask our nanny to accompany him outside when he wants to play. Call me paranoid but with whats happening around lately, im just taking extra care. Nice article btw.
  8. to be on the safe ID, i would only engage those who are HDB registered, if you are up for adventure i guess its ok for you sign up with non hdb registered ID at your own risk
  9. I would say that your brickwall is really the highlight of your cozy home! Its one of my nice to have in my future home but very scared on how pricey it may cost me