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  1. CJES

    Hi TITW, I am looking for ID for my BTO to be completed this year. Can you share you ID contact for Newedge? Hows the workamanship and project coordination?


  2. Hi My electrician just repaired an electrical fault which existed for quite some time. He was very patient in troubleshooting (he was one of the electrical team that wired my place a number of years ago). Seems to know his stuff, coupled with gadgets. Don't think he's the cheapest, local guy. But he managed to troubleshoot a problem that basic electrician may not be able to solve. If u like to contact him, pm me.
  3. Just saw this post... been awhile since I last posted. Yah.. he did my place in 2014. Happy with his work. Eventually one of my buddies and another Renotalk forummer went with him as well after my sharing. My friend was also satisfied with his service. Both of us are very discerning customers and he was able to meet our needs. Good man. PM me if you want to know more.
  4. If I rememb er correctly then, he will give you a hdb form to sign. Most important is the start date. No fees involved (can't remember contractor asking us to fork out... If there is he should fork it out as part of overall package)
  5. Looking one for myself too! Have one name already (coutesy of my contractor). Will call to enquire.
  6. My gas heater is located almost next to our showers.. so its almost instantaneous.. can't beat storage tank though. But in terms of cost savings of electrical bill, it is better I believe. My rain shower still works.. wish it can be more powerful.
  7. I have back problems.. got a couple of chairs until I got myself a HM Aeron chair. No regrets... Can sit for hours and sleep on it too
  8. If want white or some specific colour, then go for quartz. For durability and autentic feeling, go granite is the best choice. Fyi, i'm using quartz.
  9. My house has both... glass more elegant looking but shower space is fixed/restrictive.. curtain is cheaper and more practical.
  10. For sink, can try Franke or elkay.. Not sure whether 316? For accessories, go try chicken brand...welmi, I think? Served me well after many years in my wet shower.
  11. Just chanced coming back to this discussion. Winmei.. U bought the sink yet? I eventually found a solution.. Kinda of
  12. Same here. No change at all. Almost all my taps are fitted with these adaptors.
  13. Hi.. There was a thread discussing about this issue before. Here's the link: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/59385-usa-kitchen-faucet-thread-size-not-correctly/?hl=%2Bfaucet+%2Bsize I got mine in AMK. However, recently I saw some adapters at Nat Cool; But not sure whether these were the correct fit. Fyi.