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  1. I used this contractor for my wardrobe and cabinets, workmanship is good, I have posted some photos on the forum. You can consider getting a quote at 97698009.
  2. This flat layout is excellent! Am looking forward to more reno updates from you.
  3. I did my wardrobe and cabinet and tiles (small reno) and the wardrobe per foot is around $230. Yours is $293, very expensive.
  4. I agree with EdensMom, renovations can take quite a bit of time and effort. The last time I did a small renovation, I just leave the coordination to my contractor and merely decided on colours, design and materials. All turned out well.
  5. This is terrible for a new flat. Who will expect drainage to be blocked?
  6. I guess just think of your future needs and future possible occupants and make a decision based on that.
  7. @ pink texas, My contractor does everything! In fact I also had to retile part of my balcony, which was done up very well too. My sliding door wardrobe is about 7 feet long, very happy with it. Have PM you my contractor's detail. All the best.
  8. Testing, testing... hope the photos upload ok. Of course I took the $2330 for both wardrobe and display case. Good workmanship and service.
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