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  1. Hi mintyvintage, You have a very nice place, will you be able to share your quotation? My email is johnlowcw@gmail.com thank you in advance.
  2. Hi mellenur, I am currently looking for id/contractor. i love your new home, can u share with me your quotation? my email is johnlowcw@gmail.com appreciate much. thank you.
  3. Hi Bianzi, Can you share with me your ID contact & quotation. johnlowcw@gmail.com Thanks much.
  4. Hi, Can you send me Nick's quotation to my email? Thank you in advance. johnlowcw@gmail.com
  5. Dear Jasmine, Can you email me Nick's contact and also your quotation. Really thank you in advance. johnlowcw@gmail.com Thank you