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  1. Hello, can you please be so kind to pm me the contact of J? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Hello, can you please pm me the contact of your contractor? Your house is really very nice!
  3. I think now you probably have no choice but to pay more to cover them? I also experienced some unhappiness during the house reno and I did ask many friends on how to manage it. Sometimes have no choice but to pay more, if not you will always "dislike" it. The curtain is so expensive. Which shop did you go? My whole house I did timber blind and outdoor PVC blind and probably at 60-70% of your price. My colleague told me that there's one curtain shop at Causeway point and the price is reasonable and quite a lot of selection for curtain.
  4. My ID and electrician did ask me to consider every possible things that I want to install and they will try to cover it and make it nice like the fiber cable.
  5. so you install false ceiling first or the aircon first? did you tell your ID to cover it?
  6. Bought this in Oct and used less than 10 times. Since my houseis not that big, I prefer to use manual vacuum cleaner. Paid RMB 1099 for it (excluding shipping to SG) and now letting go at SGD 170. Come with boxes and all the extra spare parts. http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=26099812608&spm=a1z09.2.9.13.QZPgF4&_u=e22p3suj21f0 Cash and carry from the east or suntec. Contact me at 9767 7676.
  7. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Both sellers have quite good rating (above 4.8) which I think should be ok. I have used Amcon twice to ship my items and they are quite good and so far no such incident yet. There was once the seller did not send me some items that I bought but they insisted that they have sent. Anyway it's not so expensive and I just gave up on explaining to them. And one of my boxes were missing from my first shipment but it's with Amcon as the seller did not put my name outside the box. Thus I just need to go Amcon to collect it. For your bad encounter 2, it's quite common that some sellers provide free shipping to a distribution center and you need to go to self collect. I ordered a swing chair from taobao and the size is big and I'm aware that they only provide free shipping to a distribution center (I also read the same from the review). Thus I talked to the customer service and paid additional charges for them to ship to Amcon's warehouse and they did. There's always risk to shop at any online shop and not only taobao but it also provide significant savings if you select the right seller. I invited quite some friends over to my house for house warming parties and they are really impressed with the stuff I bought from taobao. The parties normally end up to be a "taobao discussion" and now I have to organize another round of taobao purchase for my friends.
  8. Rocker chair is RMB 238 + shipping (size is 0.36 cubic meter x RMB 550 = RMB 198) + 7% GST. Total will be below SGD 100. I'm using Amcon to ship and my second rocker chair just arrived and I'm not sure if I really want it now. It's very easy to install the chair.
  9. it's ID and not contractor unless you only want to do carpentry stuff.
  10. yes it's stable. In fact, it's very heavy and solid (the one that my ID saw locally is lighter and quality not as good as this one).
  11. I paid RMB 499 + RMB 138 (for the coffee table) in total for the items and shipping charges is around RMB 550 (it's one cubic meter).
  12. For kitchen, I only overlay tiles and change the yard door and I kept all the cabinets from the developer since they are still in good condition. Maybe that will be the project next time if I want to do renovation again.
  13. I bought the Neoflam wokpan as they are having 45% off on certain size at homefix
  14. I built a cabinet for study table and TV cabinet on my window bay and this is how it looked like before. And this is how it looks like now. My key issue is I do not like the laminate of this cabinet and I was in a rush to decide the laminate and made the wrong choice. I was in a dilemma for almost 1 week and finally decided to change the laminate. However, according to my ID, they will need to tear down the whole cabinet and redo the laminate and it will cost me a lot. Alternative is to change the laminate of the back to glossy white too and it will cost me $700. A few of my friends who came to my house actually asked me to do wallpaper and it will make it look better. And I think it's a better alternative. And it was done within 1 day.