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  1. Dear neighbour, Long time No see ! Big news! I saw 3 police cars with many police offier at Blk26C lift. They are digging sample with brushes (power form) from the level 1 lift. Lots of police officers looking for something. Anyone know what has happen.
  2. $80 is the average price for 6 bolts. Go for it. Happy
  3. Yox! 2 pm. I can't make it . Oh Happy! It is kinda sad that I have to work on Sat and getting miserable pay under a XXXXX boss.
  4. Vex: Try once but I hate the taste of the concentrated bird nest. It is as bland as plain water. I prefer those with amercian ginseng as it will nourish my 'qi' too and not too sweet. Goalhome : I agreed with you that it takes quite a couple of months before you see the effect of the bird nest. I am not so hardworking to drink it everyday. haha! I mixed with other stuff to keep my pocket hole smaller. Occasionally, I put on facial mask to my face firm and moist. Nowaday, I am very happy to hear my friends saying that I look younger than my original age.
  5. Hi ! Your kitchen cabinets look longer than mine. How long is your kitchen cabinet ?
  6. Hi Happy & One Post Wonder, I have to work on Sat. SUPER SIAN! What time will you be in JM, I will contact you guys if I am around.
  7. Hi Happy, I hope that you did not purchase those lock which can be easily open. Simple lock can be open by just a small wire or universal key. Do check with your "5 gold shop"
  8. Blood bird nest may not be suitable for so people as I heard that it is too heaty. Nowaday, I drink bird nest once every 4 to 5 days, complement with vitagen and other herbal tea. I am going for a bird nest seminar in June and will share more information till then.
  9. Hi Zila, Sweet Sweet Home ! Monkeybone
  10. Hi Happy, Really happy to see your tiles settled peacefully and your good painting work. I wasn't so lucky to have the painter plaster over my wall as my wall was painted by the old painter. Next, my false wall in the MBR has a crack on the edge. I was wondering if I can ask Tony to take a look as I felt that the painter has not done a good job (Plastering) on the false wall and the crack is getting bigger and bigger. What do u think?
  11. Hi, I have got the same sink and I saw my contractor installing the tap and piping after the sink was positioned over the solid surface. He basically just went below the cupboard to install the tap. Not a big problem for someone who is taller than 1.75m.
  12. Your 5 element painting looks great. The frame and liu li creates a 3-d effect and makes the painting looks more like an art piece then conventional fengshui item. Fengshui items tends to make the home looks too old fashion but yours is nice. Additonally, if u can change the frame to a darker brown tone like your partition, I believe the result will be even better as it will complement with your environment. Hehe ! Just by personal thought!
  13. Good ah. Is that any trial session and will the saleperson pester u terribly to buy the package on the 1st trial session.
  14. Hi , Normally, how long is the yoga session ? Anyone has try dancing session ?? Files seems to like my place a lot. We tried using aromatherapy to chase away the files and it really helps. I think Mr Monkeybone added 2 favours into the burner. If anyone wants to know, I can check it out.