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  1. Hi hi, we are thinking of having hot water for kitchen faucet and another basin in yard area. Was advised by plumber to get instant multipoint heater. Care to share more on the "serve one outlet at a time"? We haven't buy yet, waiting for Europace sale..
  2. I am In dilemma of how high should i build A half height partition facing main door. The main door is direct facing the window, and there's a sharp corner outside our main door. This is the half height partition facing main door Behind the half height partition is dining table. Should the half height partition be sufficient to cover the people dining? Was adviced 1.05mtr high, as told that main door has Qi and not advisable that the half height partition to be too high. Maybe is my imagination, 1.05 mtr is just nice at the "neck" of diner. Will this looks like a "chopping" head? In other words, from main door, you will see a head on top of the partition. Really appreciate any advice given. Thank you
  3. Hi Arnold, I am thinking of doing similar L shape wardrobe (wardrobe +Dressing area) for my Master Bedroom, I can't voew the photo using both mobile and pc, if you don't mind, please kindly send me the photos of the 4 photos please :):):) Thank you
  4. Hi DuoMaxwell, Thank you for sharing. I am thinking of doing L shaped wardrobe for the Master Bedroom but not sure if it will make the room small. Can you please kindly advice the distance of: 1. From window to the back of cupboard 2. Length of the gallery to display bags Thank you
  5. I am thinking of buying glass hob gas hob. The Bosch salesperson tested its durability by taking the steel burner and hitting on the glass. Ytd I encountered a display glass hob that has lots of scratches on it. Only then I know glass hob is not scratch resistant (went over to look at Bosch display and I saw scratches too). 1. Does anyone knows if there's any brand of glass hob that is scratch resistant, or anyway can the scratch be removed? 2. Can hot pot/pan/lid be directly place on the glass area (I used to place hot pot/pan directly on SS area). Thank you
  6. Hi hi, I am in the midst of looking for contractor, do you mind sharing the contact of J&E? Thank you :))
  7. Hi hi, thank you for sharing. I am looking for electrician, do you mind sharing the contact please? thank you
  8. Hi 2reno, i am in the midst of finding tiler for marble flooring as well. Do you have any recommendation for tiler?
  9. Hi GMC, That is a pretty bathroom you have.. Do you mind sharing the dimension of your bathroom? What is the length of your bathtub and shower area? I am keen to have both shower and bathtub as well, but not sure if can fit. My bathroom size is 2.4mtr x 2mtr. Thank you
  10. Hi HansamuQ, Your reno is very nice *Thumbs up* Do you mind PM me the breakdown of the reno and the ID for your BTO? Thank you