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  1. Correct, polishing should be fine but not grinding for ceramic as the ceramic tiles will be scratched
  2. Its rather common most hardware shops should have it
  3. I think those non abrasive polishing is meant for those tiles that are glossy or marble like
  4. Sealing not only protects the stone but also helps it to remain clean much longer
  5. How about those artificial wood? Has the wood look/feel also but easier to maintaiin
  6. Maybe she meant she kindly reminded the contractor
  7. Correct maintenance is always an issue for wooden decks
  8. I think he means a couple of layers of wax polish
  9. You bring up a very good point especially knowing that tiles can have very sharp edges
  10. Most trophies are electroplated from what i know, so be careful when using any polish
  11. You can try the sungei kadut area, there are many woodwork places there that can probably help you out in this area
  12. Actually is it possible to do such a design in a flat?
  13. These coloured tile are rather nice, i am also planning at looking at some when i renovate my house again in the future
  14. You can also try to contact the manufacturer and ask if they have a list of distributors