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  1. The TS already shared just in the last few posts. Pls do some diligent reading first.
  2. Thanks Ocean. Going to bookmark this seller!
  3. Great Idea! But the seller has only 2 diamonds. But their 销量 are on the high sides?
  4. Thanks for the info. It is drooling to see the bricks being setup and pending to wait for your final reno.
  5. Hi, do you need to declare at the singapore immigration for GST on the 22 cartons? If so, the amt paid shld be around $150? Also any problem from the malaysia custom?
  6. Hi Frankman Do you have the tb link to the bed where you are selling due to your master bedroom space constraint? Thanks.
  7. are u sure...gain city quotes for MHI more ex than starmex...
  8. can try jimmy textile at tanjong katong complex, 845 Geylang Road #01-03 Tanjong Katong Complex Singapore 400845
  9. pai sei lah...i also lugi from the price cut...worst no freebies at all...hope this make u more sleepy.... lol.. Maybe u can compare the price from other departmental stores to the neighbourhood shops as mentioned in forum...the norm neighbourhood prices are more attractive with gifts also thrown in...tat time also too kan chiong also neber think of tat...
  10. also went down to HN to verify after getting the LCD from sitex..enquired from one of the salesman and mention that the promo price was already over by the time i reconfirmed... !! Think this was also mentioned in hardwarezone forum... But no freebies for this model so still not so bad lah....
  11. er....its the 40" LA40R81BX, the bordeaux model..couldnt believe it when someone told me HN selling for that price but without freebies... But don worry abt the price...still a great super chio LCD to your home addition..
  12. remember harvey norman offers at 1600 couple of weeks ago for certain period but no freebies....don know price drop so much after the sitex sales...