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  1. Hi, Can I get quote of Cooker Hood with high suction Power but slim hood and price? Cooker Hob 2 bunner glass surface? Hitachi Fridge approximately 700-800mm length, 450-500 Litre capacity? Hitachi washer 8.5kg (without touch screen, belt motor) Any heater recommend? Thanks
  2. Can recommend your wiring shifu to me? i m looking up the whole unit resale rewiring too. Thanks.
  3. Ur painting work is really on high side. YOu can find painting shifu to paint for your whole house directly, no need go for ID or contractor
  4. Hi, is there anyone using Fotile Hood and Hob? Any commend? Thanks
  5. For misutbishi startmex series need to top up additional S$800 just because of black color
  6. We ar planning to buy bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, shower glass door, bedroom doors, mirror from taobao. Anyone experience before?
  7. Hi anyone heard abt tis new set up company in woodlands? There having a promotion till today, I get my quotation Mitsubishi starmex system 3 (9K9K12K) with free 2 trips installation, free upgrade 23g copper pipe etc... There ar the cheapest price I get. Salesman told me coz there ar New set up and able to get big bulk amount of air con tat y they selling cheap. But I still abit worry abt validility of the company. As I hv no time go down their showroom today. How you all think? Their amount of deposit request quite low too..
  8. Anyone know about there is big diff pricing on some of the electrician quote price on switches, as there are using either MK or Legrand brand, so you may ask your electrician about the material they use, Heard from one of the electrician saying he using Legrand brand which is slight higher price than MK brand. I just learn up new lesson. Hope it helpful for all members here
  9. Hi Noodler, I am chemist and very concern of drinking water Juz read thru your enquiry, Share my opinion: The filter is necessary for the main water source, as nowadays our water quality is not same as previous. Even though government try hard to make sure the water is clean to supply to us, but we cant avoid that the piping outside our resident area never change new pipe for 20 or even more years. We cant guarantee the water quality is still clean during the process delivery from reservoir to our home. The purpose we boil water is too kill bacteria. I learn this since young. But if i having a water treatment system which using even high technology of UV light to kill bacteria, then i do not need to boil water anymore. As i m currently using this method, drinking direct water from my water treatment system cut off my gas cost. and more safety. and my water treatment system is using active carbon filter with certified by NSF (Standard 42, 43, 55 and new standard), It filter 140 types of contaminates (black and white prove) awarded by Reader Digest in Conservative 7 years as platinum award.(Voted by consumer). It used UV light to kill bacteria. I believes on facts and prove always, tat y i go for this. and easy to install and i always bring out to install at certain place when i travel to there PS: The unit is not using RO or alkaline, i choose this because we do not need to change the form of water or add on additional ingredient into water, what we originally look for is to have clean drinking water,
  10. Hi can pm me details? How come the pricing wise have such big different based on all member sharing?
  11. Hi can u send me the contact number? Thanks
  12. Hi Guy/ gals, Can u pm me the JB carpentary direct contact? Thanks
  13. Hi scho sorry for so late reply. As I juz came bek from biz trip. 'll pm u detail soon
  14. Hi, Can u quote me Mitsubishi starmex system 3 9K, 9K, 12K)? And with piping and installation detail? 2 trips. Thanks
  15. Hi, Can u pm me Mitsubishi starmex system3 (9K, 9K, 12K)? With detail of insulation pipe and installation charge in details? Thanks
  16. Hai, can you quote me Mitsubishi starmex system 3 (10K, 10K, 12K)? Upgrade piping. How much can I get? Thanks
  17. I am using USA brand water treatment system for more than 10years It is certified by NSF standard 42, 53, 55. Plus NSF/ANSI 401. Using advance technology UV light to kill bacteria so I have save up my cost to boil water. It is so simple and easy to install, I am always bring out the unit to install on certain hotel or apartment resort when I travel holiday
  18. Hi I am new babie here. Juz curious to ask : how u all bring back the items from JB to Sg? Any tax charging when enter custom?
  19. My resale flat located in Toh Guan area. Looking for ID to design kitchen, service yard and bathroom. Thanks
  20. Recommend you to go for US brand, Reader Digest Award for conservative 7 years trust brand of water treatment system, using active carbon filter 0.2micron (certified by NSF 42, 43, 55) and filter 140 types containminates including rotavirus with UV light killing bacteria. Do not need to boil water. Save my gas cost. As i am always using it and carry to apartment or resort for drinking water supply when I travel for holiday. Good sale service with easy installation too
  21. I was a R& D coating Chemist previously, my working environment is a lab based environment. Everyday i wash handle with hazardous chemical. I am well know with toxicity inside paint coating. So i dun really suggest go for cheaper range of air purification system as it unable to make much different. I do have childhood asthma so when i came across to choose air purification system, i really make a deep consideration. 1. What is the contaminates it can be filter out? 2. Any black and white proven facts? Any 3rd party certified? 3. Can it filter bacteria? 4. Trust brand 5. Maintenance Based on this 5 criteria, finally i get mine. I was happy with that.