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  1. love the view and floor plan of your new flat! Me too, I love the idea for the headrest for the bed too, but when I asked for some quotation, it cost almost $1k just to build a 5ft headrest without sidetable.. and mine is around 11ft, so I have no choice but to give it up.. sad life
  2. Hi, Just wondering roughly how much is the market price for tempered glass backing in the kitchen. Was quoted 32sqm for $1920, so should be $60per sqm, is that reasonable?
  3. Thanks wattsivy for your input. I have no contact for the wiring guy yet. It's just a rough quotation from the contractor, doesn't really how many points were included in this quotation at all..
  4. All the above doesn't does incl rewiring for the whole house, the contractor quote me around $3500. Would appreciate some advice if the false ceiling and painting is on the high side
  5. Hi, need some advise if the following quotation is reasonable: 4 Room Resale HDB (111SQM) 1) Hacking of kitchen and bathroom wall and floor tiles (incl wardrobe & cabinets) $2400 2) False ceiling for Living room and 3 bedrooms $2800 3) Polish Marble flooring $1200 4) Painting for the whole house + Sealer $2000 5) Plastering for the whole house incl Kitchen & bathroom ceiling $2300 6) White powdered casement windows for the whole hse $3200 7) 4 Veneer doors $1160 8) Removal of 4 existing door frames $400 9) Change door frame to Nytoh $600 10)Varnish the door frames $100 Bathrooms 11)Lay Homogenous Wall tiles for 2 toilets (max $3.50) $3800 12)Lay floor tiles for 2 toilets with curb $900 13)Waterproofing for 2 toilets $360 14)Box up water pipes for 2 toilets $600 15)Plumbing services (Stainless steel pipes kitchen & toilet, Installation of toilet bowls, basin, water heater, bathroom accessories installation $1,460 Kitchen 16)Change stainless steel rubbish chute $160 17)Lay homogeneous floor tiles @max $3.50 $1300 18)Kitchen cabinet/washing machine base $280 19)Extension of Kitchen wall (2ft) $80 20)Tempered glass kitchen sliding door $1800 Common bathroom 21)Hack the wall and shift the entrance $430 22)1 glass sliding door (top hung) $860 23)1 piece tempered glass shower screen $250 Master bathroom 24)Tempered glass bathroom door $530 25)Tempered glass shower screen with door $480 Haulage of debris $250 Total $29700
  6. That's what I thought too.. but his carpenter seems to be taking ages to get back to me or to him. This contractor was recommended by a friend who vouched for his workmanship and apparently a very responsible guy ( did up her siblings and her place recently) but all didn't use his carpenter as they find their workmanship not great which I personally find it acceptable. But when I went to see the other carpenter that she recommended, I didn't exactly like his workmanship. Woodgrains laminate looks good, but the whites just cannot make it, the lines on the laminate and the trimming is just too obvious which I find it kind of strange. So I am now stuck unless I have to relook again for another contractor. If you don't mind, could you also give me your contractor's details, maybe I should just try someone else instead.
  7. Simply enjoy your t-blog! So interesting to read about all your DIYs..I'm wowing all the way ! And your house is really looking great! Can't wait to see the end product when it's all ready..
  8. Hi country glow.. Do u mind sharing with me your carpenter.. I'm also thinking of not engaging an id but having a hard time looking for the right carpenter. The carpenter that is link to the contractor still haven't given me his quotation after 3 weeks, and another's workmanship isn't great.. Would really appreciate ur help as I'm planning to start my reno in June .
  9. Hi Benetay, your carpentry work looks really good. Went to see a carpenter's workmanship over the weekend and realised that the white cabinet doors has a line between the laminate and the abs trimming which is kind of obvious, just wondering if yours has that too. I thought most of the white cabinet doors are all smoothen out but the carpenter claimied that only acrylic doors doesn't have the lines.. wonder if that is true? Would appreciate if you could share your carpenter or Id. Thanks!
  10. I realised everyone seems to have brick walls or the industrial theme nowadays.. although I must say I do like the walls and the lightings..
  11. Hi Retired ID, my carpenter quote me $110 for Quartz kitchen top, but never mention any particuar brand, could it be some cheapo china quartz that I should avoid? When I called up IQuartz, they mentioned that their basic I Series start from $150psf but yet I saw most forummer here mentioned that they are being quote at $120 psf, why is the difference? I also called up Hanstone quartz from Korea, their basic is starting at $180 psf. But I'm wondering why is it more expensive than IQuartz when they are only 85% quartz and 15% resin? IQuartz is suppose to be 93% quartz and 7% resin.. I am so confused reading about quartz counter top that now I am wondering if I should just stick to indian granite instead. Appreciate your enlightenment. Thanks!
  12. Hi Infinity2015, may I ask, where do you get the quote for IQuartz for $120 per foot run? I called them up and they mentioned that their basic I Series is @ $150psf. I also called up Hanstone quartz from Korea, their basic is going $180 psf. But I'm wondering why is it more expensive than IQuartz when they are only 85% quartz and 15% resin?