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  1. Yup! Can't wait! Hacking starts next week. Yes, so much blue right?!?!?! OD!
  2. Hi All, I have been lurking this T-blog searching for ideas. Now that my reno is going to start, I shall document my journey here It's a 4rm resale and I'm going to hack of the bedroom 3 (study/working/library) front wall and the walkway of the service balcony. I will install a sliding glass door for the bedroom.
  3. Hi Bykaraanne, May I have the link for the philips LED strips and driver/converter that you bought? Thank you!
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply! Do you have a link for Daily Use? I can't seems to google it. Thanks!
  5. Hi, May I know where did you get your front door sign and your matt showerhead? Thank you.
  6. Hi, May I know where will you be getting those matt black shower head and taps? They look so nice!