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  1. your place is featured here too http://thisbtotrendmustdie.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/home-decors-latest-pride-and-joy
  2. If both you and spouse's name are included in your home, both of you should be eligible and can count his salary in too but pls double-check with banker.
  3. I think you may be able to borrow more if you take 2 separate loans (depending on your income)?
  4. I think it is not necessary too. Quality rather than quantity!
  5. 40 years is not an issue. If location is good, there is higher potential for en-bloc.
  6. My ID told me that it's not possible to extend the gas pipe to the service yard- hope this helps!
  7. Seller pays the seller agent. As a buyer, you only pay the buyer agent if you have engaged one.
  8. Personally, I feel anything more than 500m is considered far given our weather.