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  1. Have gotten my BTO However, during site inspection i measured the unit and found the space to be lesser than actual floor plan. Most of the width/length were - 10cm. Esp for the toilet width, on paper 2000mm, actual is only 1570mm. Is this normal?
  2. saw you are using farmhouse sink, how is it coming along? is it ex?
  3. Hi guys, would like to check with you all if anyone have seen any budget farmhouse sink in singapore below $300? Trying to get 1 for my BTO kitchen, most are expensive fireclay sink which over my budget. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, anyone can Share price for cement screed for 2 room? HDB doesn’t seem to refer their appointed screed contractor anymore. Previously I saw it’s about $500 or something if booked through HDB, now HDB emailed me back telling me to find my own ID/contractor.
  5. thanks bro! just want to be on safe side not to get misleaded into an expensive contract.
  6. Went to a contractor and got verbal quoted on my designs and makeover would cost around $35-$40k for the 2 room bto. Is it over quoted even from a contractor? I am briefly doing the following: 1. Country style kitchen (Overlay tiles, full corner carpentry but most of the space taken away by fridge, oven, washer) Do they still count in material even it's occupied space? 2. Living room - TV console with cabinets (full stretch end to end around 6 meters) 3. Bedroom - 2 Full height cabinets (1meter each) 4. Toilet - Sealed kitchen door, overlay tiles, moving basin to opposite to make way for bath tub. Thanks!
  7. Any 3D render ID photos from any of you here to share please?
  8. i guess it will be very cramp to put both tub and shower dry area in the toilet. For myself, i will be doing a bath tub as well.
  9. researching for my new place kitchen concept how to put oven etc, saw these pics at facebook perhaps its relevant to people who have similarities who love to cook like me on some ideas. Photos by: Rise FurnishingTrading Pte Ltd
  10. no bro, i am thinking of adding wooden shutters to the windows.
  11. hi guys, does HDB have standard measurements for BTO 2 room windows (Width x height) on living room and bedroom? I would like to calculate the cost of doing additional frames to my bto flat going to ready in a few mths time. Thanks!!
  12. so excited for your reveal!! Can i ask did u remove the bomb shelter metal door or using it back for your walk in wardrobe?
  13. bro, the toilet with a mesh lighting box can remove anot? u know? @mmoh