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  1. Oh dear..definitely sounds like a company to avoid! I did a google search on the name you indicated on your complaint letter and added "interior"...and an ID firm popped up. Even states that he is the founder and a photo. Their office somewhere along Geylang Rd..within a complex... am I right?
  2. Look forward to seeing the finished outcome of your flat!
  3. Hi there, progress on your house looks gd! Can I please have your contractor's contact? Thanks! Look forward to see your finished home. And the recipe looks yums!
  4. Hi hazelline, nice and cosy place you have there! I'm looking for contractors, could you PM me your initial 3 contractors details and who you eventually used? Thank you so much!
  5. hi, love how your house turned out, so pretty! can you let me have your contractor's contact please? Thanks!!
  6. Hi, look forward to more updates. meanwhile, appreciate if you can share Mr K's contact. thanks!