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  1. Foremost important is your budget. How far are you willing to stretch? Then get the ID to work around the figure. The rest will comes naturally as you go along with the flow.
  2. Hi Ryvian, Could you PM me the address in JB for this fan as well? Interested in getting one. Thanks
  3. Got one ID of mine quote me flooring for a 5 rm BTO for $13K+ @S3.5psf.(this includes screeding cost) Is the a reasonable pricing for flooring of living area and 3 BRMs? Around what range we should be looking at?
  4. Hmm... was initially looking at RVG560P3MS too but was advise by someone that Hitachi fridge ' s compressor was problematic. So shortlist Samsung instead.
  5. Hi, Am looking for aircon of system 3 to be install in my upcoming 5 RM BTO. Any models for Daikin or Mitsubishi to recommend? What's the diff between 9K BTU & 12K BTU? Thanks
  6. Hi Jerome, Can PM quote for 1) Hitachi RCV 560P3MS, 2) SAMSUNG WA11J5750 3) EUROPACE EE 0421B Much appreciated with thanks.
  7. Heard from the sales ppl that FIsher & P can do that. Might wanna check that out but $$$$ Me too looking for this kind of fridge door.