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  1. Hi Ynette,

    I saw the posts about the sharing of contacts for some really good electricians so i am wondering if you managed to obtain those contacts and if yes do you think you can share it with me also?

    Thank you so much for your help


  2. wow, you will be lucky to get a reply. The post was in 2007. Still glad this was surfaced. I like to get this ladder too.
  3. Hi all - can anyone PM me the contact nos of Mr Quek, Mr Ong and Keong? Thks
  4. Hi, Can somebody pm me the husband & wife tiler? plus any other good tiler? Thks
  5. My post is probably a bit late, now being Dec 2015. My Q: can you preserve part of the cabinet, the oven installed in it and the stainless steel dish drying component installed in it. Reason being, there is a part of the cabinet which is damaged by seeping water from the neighbour and I want to configure part of my kitchen too. Rgds,
  6. Boutique contractor? Sound expensive! Looking to install bookshelves against the wall, 2 layers: 1 against the wall, the other in front of the first on rails, with sliding doors, floor ceiling height - do you do that?
  7. How to PM? Replying to the above, if it is not yet answered. I also recently learned how to PM. You enter into the person's webpage (by putting cursor & clicking). When at the person's page, click "Send Messages" and a box will appear. The rest is "plug & play".
  8. If I do not use the fan w light, how do I place the light after installation of fan? Do you have any recommendations? Rgds,
  9. Hi, Can you recommend me ceiling fan w lights (easy to change, sufficient for heavy reading)? Can you give me a quote: 2 common room, 1 master bedroom, 1 living room, 1 dining room? Rgds & thks,