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  1. You mean its a lower price for a bigger area?
  2. Thats true, but truth be told i like homogeneous tiles especially the glossy ones, makes ones house really look nice
  3. I guess dark coloured tiles are like that, they look beautiful, but have to maintain
  4. You mean you these to be like those inbuilt types?
  5. You got check with the Electrolux service centre if they can do it for you?
  6. Yes you can paint it yourself, i did mine myself
  7. By wet wall, you mean like those normal brick wall or is it something else?
  8. These door handles are manufacturer specific actually
  9. Really like this thread, bookmarked. This DIY method will help alot of people
  10. This is issue only happened 4 years later, before was fine?
  11. I managed to find my zipper drop on Carousell. a used one but works fine for me, lol