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  1. Hi Saz009, Great to have another 3 roomer share. Could you pls pm me your sofamaker's contact and cost as a guideline? Thanks!
  2. Hi! If you don't mind, can you please pm the details like estimated dimensions, material and cost for this. Am still deciding if i should install built in. $ is a huge deciding factor
  3. Hi Daolevo, Thanks for sharing your journey. Glad to finally come across someone who coordinated their reno with HIP! I am thinking of the exact same layout/plan for my master bathroom; knock down the wall, install a tub, extend the bathroom by 60cm to accommodate the vanity/washbasin and raise a new wall to separate the room from bath. Still sitting on the fence regarding new bathroom entrance. How did you coordinate the tub installation with the HIP works? I am opting to do both the toilets under HIP but was told that I need to get my own contractor to install the tub and that my contractor will not be allowed to enter or do any works for the 10 days that the HIP contractors are working. Also, both our bathrooms are the same size. Do you find the bathroom "squeezy" after installing the tub? Would it be worse a glass partition is installed to prevent water from splashing over for the times when you use the shower instead of tub?
  4. JohnJohn, I can't believe your renovation is complete. Loved the snippets you shared so far and looking forward to see an update of your entire home!
  5. Good to hear that you can live with it. Are the edges sharp/rough and therefore snag on fabric? Like when you brush the corner. I was toying with the idea of using similar tiles as the outcome looks gorgeous. Thanks to your post, I'm now thinking that this would be more suitable for a single/flat wall.
  6. Hi Catt, Would it be possible to use single dimensional/flat tiles (eg mosaic?) to cover the exposed area?
  7. Hi! Finally, i came across a blog with a Moroccan inspiration! Absolutely in love with your kitchen and Uncle P did a fantastic job. The renovations done in your home is along the lines of what I intend to do and seems like uncle P may be suitable for me. Could you please PM me his number?