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  1. Hi Hidze! I saw that you engaged I* Interior Design on my thread. How much did you spend in the end for electrical? electricial works were omitted from my quotation by them and my ID recommended me his Electrician (Power Solutions). Not sure if you are using the same? Because I heard some bto owners who used them telling me their high quotes (which differs from mine).
  2. I decided to document some stuff (but not too detailed...I'm too tired for this hahaha) since I have so many photos taken already! Have you moved in? Your house looks great
  3. Hi @warriorgirl Yes I did! Who's your designer? You can PM me if you need more info
  4. Hi, care to share what code/brand of flooring you used for your master bedroom? The dark brown one. TIA!!!
  5. @Arfan The original quote for my Living/Dining area was $2,200 (revised quote: $1,850), and Master Bedroom $700 (revised quote: $600)
  6. Hi everyone! I'm looking to renovate my home based on the Scandinavian Minimalist theme. As my home is a resale unit of 27 years, there are several concerns especially where electrical wiring and ceiling comes into place. I have been meeting a couple of IDs & Contractors and have received various opinions regarding my ceiling. False Ceiling Quoted too expensive by the ID My ceiling is not very high, so it may cause my house to look very cramped Plasterboard This was suggested by a Contractor as it is more cost effective However, in order to cover my wires, i have to use cornices and he will place a plasterboard over the entire ceiling area and paint it over. (Quite bummed to have cornices and I'm hoping the simple designs will not be so obvious in my home! I also pray it doesn't look weird with track lightings...) Can anyone enlighten me on the pros and cons of Plasterboard ceiling? Thank you!
  7. Hi Alan, Actually my ceiling is just a normal false ceiling across to hide all the electrical trunkings. Is it too expensive based on market rate?
  8. Hi All! As I'm pretty new to this, hope to get your advice on whether my ID quotation has been overpriced. Some info: 5-room resale flat (27 Years) Requires full overhaul Quotation Hacking, Haulage & Preliminary Works Hack existing whole house wall & floor tiles Hack kitchen wall Dismantle & Dispose Balcony Aluminium Sliding Door Dismantle & Dispose Living/Dining Full Height Storage Cabinet Dismantle & Dispose Kitchen Cabinet & Stove Dismantle & Dispose 2 x bathroom fittings Dismantle & Dispose Simple cornies Dismantle & Dispose Main gates (Door & Frame) Dismantle & Dispose 3 x Bedroom Doors & Frames Dismantle & Dispose 2 x Toilet Doors & Frames Supply & Lay Corrugated Paper (Single Layer) for Floor Protection Haulage of New & Raw Materials Clearing of Debris TOTAL HACKING,HAULAGE & PRELIMINARY WORKS: $6,300 WET WORKS BALCONY Supply & Lay Homogeneous Floor Tiles : $800 LIVING/DINING Supply labour and material to cement screed living & dining, 3 x bedrooms : $4,770 KITCHEN Supply & Lay Homogeneous Floor Tiles : $2,500 Make Good Hacked Area at Kitchen: $300 COMMON TOILET Make good hacked door frame: $150 Supply & Lay homo wall tiles: $2,200 Supply & lay homo floor tiles (includes waterproofing): $720 MASTER TOILET Construct Tiled Cement Base for Shower Screen: $100 Make good hacked door frame: $150 Supply & Lay homo wall tiles: $2,300 Supply & lay homo floor tiles (includes waterproofing): $790 Make good hacked doorframe x 4 : $600 VINYL FLOORING Supply & Lay 5mm vinyl flooring w/skirting ****/DINING: $2,380 Supply & Lay 5mm vinyl flooring w/skirting at 3 x Bedrooms: $2,560 CEILING Construct False Ceiling ****/DINING (includes curtain palmet): $2,200 Construct False Ceiling at MASTER BEDROOM (includes curtain palmet): $700 CARPENTRY WORKS BALCONY Design& Fabricate half height suspended shoe cabinet w/ settee | 8 Feet: $1,440 LIVING/DINING TBA KITCHEN Design& Fabricate Top & Bottom Kitchen Cabinets | 39 Feet: $5,850 Includes: Hyadraulic Hinges for Flip Up Doors Includes: 1 x Wooden/Aluminium Frame w/ Frosted Film Glass w/ BLUM AVENTOS SYSTEM Includes: 1 set 304 stainless steel drip dry dish rack Includes: 1 set PVC Cutlery Tray Includes: 4 sets of 50kg soft closing BLUM DRAWER TRACK Supply & Install iQUARTZ Top as Kitchen Work Top | 15 Feet: $2,100 Supply & Install iQUARTZ Top as Bar Top Counter (w/wood base support for bar top) | 5 Feet: $900 MASTER BEDROOM Design& Fabricate Full Height Sliding Door Wardrobe w/ Dresser | 18 Feet: $5,075 MASTER TOILET Design& Fabricate suspended vanity cabinet/mirror | 3 Feet: $540 Supply & Install iQUARTZ Top for Vanity Cabinet | 3 Feet: $420 PLUMBING WORKS Supply & Connect Single Copper Piping for whole house ( 1 x Kitchen, 2 x Toilets) Labour to install kitchen sink & washing machine inlet/outlet piping Labour to install kitchen sink & tap mixer Labour to install 2 x bathroom wash basin & tap mixer Labour to install 2 x hot water point Labour to install 2 x instant heater Labour to install 2 x pedastal W.C. Labour to install 2 x bidet spray Labour to install 2 x shower head Labour to install 2 x bathroom accessories (7pcs) TOTAL PLUMBING COST: $1,850 PAINTING WORKS Painting Works for Whole House $1,850 Includes: Painting Net Note: Ceiling Emulsion Paint Only Note: Painting Works is Subject to max 2-3 coats Includes: Sealer for Whole House OTHER WORKS Supply & install 10mm clear tempererd glass shower screen at MASTER TOILET $760 Supply & Install Nyatoh Door Frame x 5: $750 Supply & install bedroom laminated doors x 4: $1,600 Supply & Install Laminated main door x 1: $600 Rubbish Chute: $220 Washing for whole house x 2: $350 *Windows, 2 toilet doors, aircon & electrical works not included yet* TOTAL COST: $50,655
  9. Hi, any fellow users out there who used IN INTERIOR as their ID before?