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  1. Yesterday Justin came and fixed the ledge. I personally feel his workmanship and follow up is totally unacceptable. It's really what you pay and what you get. Oh well, cant be blame because R&R can't give me the price i want. The price i paid for Door + Ledge + Island + Top = what R&R quote me for just the caesarstone tabletop. But this is the kind of quality you get loh. *sighs* We gave him till Friday, if everything is not done. he will remove the ledge, patch up my wall, and not collect money from us (apart from the 50% we paid, which is worth it for the island price. ) Look at how bad the works are done, seriously.. it's just damaging and hurtful to the eyes. Oh well, it's Wednesday, 2 more days. the support wooden plank is shorter than my ledge, that one i just give in. Dont want to argue with him anymore. (OMG! look at the edges of the "support table") (gaps everywhere, it's not flushed and clean. ) (screws missing underneath) (incorrect screw used, the screw can't be fully tighten) This is the area where the "wrongly cut" ledge suppose to be, on top of the washing machine. When he came to fix it on Saturday, his carpenter didnt show up. (kenna play out i guess). So he DIY and installed the ledge. Given the ledge is abit lengthy and heavy, how can someone just fix it blindly without even using the water level tool to check if it's straight? So i was chilling by the sofa doing my stuffs and check on him after he's done. (should have eye on him..) First thing i saw, the whole ledge is not balance, then between the ledge and bracket the gap is so huge. (look at the gap between his bracket and the top) Then, screw holes not straight. Lastly, the wall plug (the plastic they put into the wall so the screw can screw in) can be just easily removed when i use my hands to pull it out. (How is this straight to anyone? I dont even need my water level tool to check if the ledge is straight, just have to look at the screws!) Seriously? Am i suppose to accept this? I can remove the whole screw+wall plug with just my fingers and you call that a ledge? What can it support? Ants maybe? Got so pissed that i removed everything myself and tell him this is not working. He can have back the ledge. And to top it off, he SCREW it through the top and then "trim" off the screw part at the top and plaster it with wall putty -.- Seriously OMG to the max. My vision of how a ledge should look is something like the picture below, just that it's in kompacplus top and wider and deeper base.
  2. Curtains are installed today by NST Curtain (find them familiar? they are all over your lift in every BTO block. haha) I personally find their price and quality not bad, as compared to other vendors/curtain shops that i've visited. Reasonable price and good quality. Here are the pictures of Living, Study Room, Guest Room, Master Room: (Living Room: Day + Night Curtain) (Study Room: Venetian Blinds - we topped up for the better quality ones, they have 2 range) (Guest Room: Standard roller blind) (Master Room: Day + night, same colour as living) Btw, the rectification works are still not done by Justin. 1) island table height not yet increased 2) island carpentry works not yet touch up 3) island countertop not yet glue to the wood 4) kitchen ledge not fixed yet 5) washing machine ledge fixed but it was slanted, got pissed and told him to remove it. my wall is so ugly and damaged now. Have requested for him to paint and touch up the wall... (picture tomorrow) 6) common toilet door haven change, was promised glass door but came hard PVC acrylic door. -.- *Cheat money* Le wife sent a nasty whatsapp msg to him on Saturday, telling him that if by Friday all these not fixed. We not paying the remaining as nothing is being completed and meet our needs. can't believe that 1 x common toilet door, 1 x island, 1 x ledge need 2months...
  3. heh thanks for the link! Actually, the 2nd one is what i previously bought from phoon huat. it has a hook that you can hang on the baking tray. I so in love with your silver handmixer, apparently it's something that's a gem to find now. I dont see mayer selling the kitchenaid handmixer, i think they stopped selling. I'm still waiting for my island height to be fixed! will officially try baking next year.
  4. which oven thermo u bought? can share link? i looking to get one also. previously bought one from phoon huat, after awhile spoil already. Always not accurate. cant be heating up more than 10mins still haven reach 180. Btw, your island table, how high is it? and also, what hand mixer is that? looks nice! I wanna buy a kitchenaid hand mixer but i never seen it selling outside before.
  5. the 2nd one looks nice, but too costly @ 600+ each. i need two of them. and i think the depth might not be enough to be a study table as i have printer and desktop monitor..
  6. small little update: island countertop came yesterday, the island height suppose to increase to 80cm, but instead - nothing was done. The height is still at 75-76cm. The guys came to "place" the top on the island only, no adhesive was used at all. So practically, i can just lift the whole tabletop off the island table -.- Anyway, here's the island on my momento wall: Closeup of the tabletop: Made some noise and complains to Justin (contractor for tabletop) as my ledge wasn't installed yet! (delay from last week till now). I questioned him yesterday where is my ledge top, he said his carpenter guys already went down and install already. Guess what, THEY INSTALL AT THE WRONG HOUSE. seriously faint.. So outstanding from Justin is: - installation of my kompacplus top behind my dish rack - installation of kompacplus top on top of washing machine - touch up on island carpentry (alot of chips, scuffs, peeling off. edges are not painted yet as well) we initially also requested for quotation from Justin regarding study table and shoe rack (to be placed outside the house), but it seems like he's not interested. Despite us chasing him multiple times for the quote/price, he didn't get back. I guess, it's time to move on. Anyone has any contacts to intro? I just need basic study table that is not fixed to the wall, tried looking off-shelve but it's not cheap too. I'm looking for something similar to this kind: just simple and plain. I be putting them at the corner of the study room to form a "L" shape study table. Any suggestions would be grateful. Thanks all and merry x'mas!
  7. waa.. can share? lol i dont really buy stuffs from amazon. my last item i bought is the Echo Dot. ahhaha
  8. ahhh.. so good!! i wonder how much it will cost so ship it here. definitely cost a bomb because of its size and weight. If it's too much, i might just settle for the blum one instead. did a "checkout" to see how much, it cost about $50 over bucks for normal shipping. If item able to fit then it would be ok, but just afraid the item is not fitting enough then there's a gap on top. http://connect.blum.com/files/memos/MEM010_ORG900_SG.pdf about 200 bucks for either option Need to go measure my internal drawer size dimension tonight.
  9. @purplegirafffe thanks for sharing! How's the quality of this cutlery tray? it seems to be "slidable" ? Amazon no longer ship to SG right.. so how to buy ah? my island countertop got delay again. Sighs..
  10. very lovely, love how everything come into place and complement one another very nicely. Some of the bold colours might seen too loud on its own, but once paired with other stuffs it's just nice. Definitely great choice of colours and items being picked.
  11. Over the weekend, did more touch up (myself). Painted my kitchen momento wall edges, because of the "masking" tape when i peel off, the paint at box up came off too. So have to touch up and then re-paint all the edges. Looking so much better now. My island-dining table will be coming on Wed-Evening, together with my ledge. (Did i previously mentioned that i've added a ledge to house my kitchen appliances - rice cooker, air fryer, etc..) Currently, the Island-Dining table is placed at the wall here, and given that there's no top (ceasarstone top haven't come, i place the "picnic" mat on top of it to use as a dining table/work desk for now. Abit o-biang, but well it won't be there anymore after Wednesday night. Actually, the ledge base (carpentry) is already there, but the KompacPlus top they measured the size wrongly, It's off what i wanted. However, i'm trying to get them change the "L" shape mounting to black or something. White is a no-no. Also, the underneath of the carpentry for ledge is WHITE!! Told them to go laminate it with the same black/grey for the edges! as you can see the pictures above, the kompacplus top is way shorter than the table and not flush with my eubiq. The length must flush with my eubiq length. But lucky for me, they didn't want back the "wrong sized" top and gave it to me FOC!! I'm so gonna use this as a "ledge" on top of my washing machine to put my soap powder and etcetc etc.. *hurayy* Some additional pictures of my kitchen/service yard: (water system by Hydroflux) Overall view with all the stuffs displayed left to dry on the wooden display rack from taobao. (no cutlery tray as icant find a matching/nice one, previously bought the ikea one but can't fit in. So gotta make do with this "empty" layout for now.. ) Mounted dyson.at the service yard, hidden quietly at one corner. hehe Anyway, my Brandt Gas Hob has probelm. When i turn on the gas and release the knob - the gas just switch off. It can never stay ignited. Brandt guy will come and check and service on Wednesday evening as well. Looks like my Wednesday evening gonna be busy. Remember the ceiling wall at MBR that has patches, BSC came and patch it. It's better looking now, but patches are still there. Well, i can't be perfect unless i pay $$ to get it plastered. Which will cost me about $250 onwards, and create a mess in the whole MBR. Before: After: (maybe the picture/angle not so good, i will take a better one tonight added below) View from the MBR bed: (eubiq track underneath the ledge, with all the cables tucked under as well) *bonus picture - MBR toilet* - added the IKEA plant at the corner. Guess we have to live with it. Signed my curtain with NST curtains yesterday: - Day + Night: Master and Living - Venetian Blind : Study Room - Roller Blind: Guest Room Total Damage: $1220 NST is the one that goes around all new HDB block pasting their posters. I personally find their material, colours and quality not bad. Therefore, lazy to search further - we just proceed with them. As the prices i got from others were on the high 1400-1600 side, which is way beyond my budget. Sadly, the curtain can only be installed on that week of christmas (after x'mas..) That's fine, so long it's before 30th as i'm having my mini house warming with my friends on 31st. Didnt have the time to build all my legosss, so just putting them as per what it is (in the box) into the display for now.. Here to more legosss hidden within the whole display cabinet. *ooopss**
  12. Deepest condolences to you and your family, sad to hear such news. Hope everything is ok for you.
  13. my parents gave me a small christmas tree, over the weekend i decorated it. Looks so naked without all the present boxes at the bottom. Also laid my taobao floor mat. Very lovely and soft and velvety feeling, love the greyish blue colour tone. What i have yet to install is the curtain to complete the whole look. Curtain guy coming today and re-quote and confirm. Hopefully can get it installed within this week or next week (before x'mas)
  14. i only use the "center" light that hdb gave, no lights in light box as i used it for the cove light for my mirror. i personally feel the center light is bright enough as idont want my master to be too bright, therefore i selected warm white colour. The pictures you see above is with cove light and center light.
  15. I manage to get BSC "patch" and sand it yesterday. will post a picture tomorrow. Itsalot better now but still have, guess i have to live with it unless i'm willing to spend another $250 bucks to plaster the whole ceiling.. Thanks. There's no dressing table in the master room. our "dressing" table is just the mirror inside the wardrobe or the MBR toilet basin area. I think i spend about 30-45mins painting, because of the strokes and height. The most tedious part i personally feel is the masking tape!! very difficult and troublesome to tape along the edges.
  16. brandt 1 of this: https://www.gaincity.com/kitchen-large-appliances/hobs/brandt-30-cm-wok-burner-glass and 1 of this: http://www.brandt.sg/induction-hob-bpi6210b
  17. cant remember how much i bought. maybe about 800-900+ mine is 1 x gas + 1 x 2 zone induction
  18. hi@infinity2015 picture as requested: Living Room Looking into Kitchen: inside kitchen looking to service yard: I painted this momento wall on Monday, still amateurish but hope it looks good. View from Living towards MBR: Master Room: Walk in wardrobe: Platform bed: Master Toilet: Lastly, view from Kitchen to living:
  19. So the conclusion? did you get everything resolved? did your reno get completed or you engage someone else? Any pictures?