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  1. my gain city aircon installation went quite well. from my experience, gain city installers are one of the better and more experienced ones..
  2. The white-greenish glass is a no-no for me.. but overall it matches ur service yard window quite well. so still ok. haha i also got LED under cabinet. won't look like fish tank lah.
  3. i did the measurement. it's 850mm. no wonder it's so spacious. But the platform height was 380mm instead of 350mm. Getting ID to fix another step there so it's not so high when coming down. Took leave yesterday and it's quite worthwhile as alot things were going on: - installation of La Casa Wardrobe System - plumber (installation of storage heater, shower stuffs, toilet bowls, etc) - electician (install all lightings, LED, cove lights) - eubiq came for site measurement - installed bedroom ceiling fan At one point of time, the house is filled with >10 people working on different things. Felt very accomplished, will post pictures when i go down to the house this weekend. Now the house feels like a house with all the lights up. ID screwed up some stuffs again, our extra tall larder at kitchen is without door -.- Everything we wanted in the house has to be concealed or cover or something, now giving me us an open shelve tall larder i don't know for what. Made some noise, and she say will give us the door. Also, had to keep chasing her to arrange for Evorich and our doors to come. End up i arranged all myself as it's much quicker.
  4. very nice. haha your double oven is definitely a killer. With that much drawers, you can't complain you don't have storage space anymore. hahaha. overall your kitchen / island area still look quite spacious and not too cramp.
  5. As per the detail drawing below it's 800mm. Definitely looks bigger in real life than on paper (when you pull out the measuring tape to 800mm and visualise it) I will do a on-site measurement & check on the actual size this Sat.
  6. i think it really depends on individual luck. the same ID/contractor may be good for others, doesnt mean it's good for you as we all have different level of tolerance and acceptance of defect. So long i think if they are willing to rectify, it's still not so bad. Better than giving you 1000 reasons and then keep delaying your rectification works. Overall from what i read here, J&E is not bad. I have 2 friends using them and are both okay as well. Perhaps communication breakdown, or just sueyloh.
  7. i can view w/o any issue. waa idea. to use this hinge for your bedroom. this one is the same Blum Aventos that they use for kitchen dish tray right?
  8. Went down last evening to check out the progress and it's moving quite quickly. Kitchen carpentry installation is almost all up. Living still WIP WIW is nice as well, it's more spacious than expected. I quite like how the WIW's leaf door is being concealed inside the wardrobe area, I will take a proper picture this Saturday.
  9. Progress on Carpentry (finally): remember the part on the kitchen/service yard floor trap? the carpentry manage to cover about 95-98% of it.. so still ok i feel.
  10. pm-ed u. not sure if they are willing to do if your job is too small. Most dont, but i can suggest you other contacts if yours is small job. I have them at kitchen doorway, but i screed the tiles off. so it looks like a normal beam. the border is definitely a no-no for me too. For my toilet tiles - first thing that caught my eye is the ugly border. No border will be nicer, for my shower ledge - there will be the shower glass there at the end of the day. So it will look nicer also. Fino 1: cannot rotate (lesser colours) Fino 2: can rotate (more colours) yes..
  11. over the past few weeks, there were some hiccups and issues with our reno. 1) Delay for carpentry By this week, the carpentry has to be up as I have taken leave on 30th for eubiq site measurement and mirror measurement for my walk in wardrobe. 2) Service Yard Drainage Hole If you see the picture below, the carpentry doesn't fully cover the floor trap nicely, have spoke to ID about this. Gotta wait for the carpenter to respond then see how it goes. I thought it would be flushed outwards and cover nicely.. buti think in reality it isnt. Usual kitchen base depth 600mm, mine is about 550mm because the 50mm is to cater the LED strip to sit nicely underneath the cabinet. I thought it will cover nicely like this after carpentry is up: 3) Bathroom entrance kerb Tiler screwed up the Master Toilet. One of the reason why we wanted to overlay MBR is to remove the slope. Not sure why the tiler feels that we wanted a slope and they overlay it back with a slope -.- Luckily, after some "noise" from us, we manage to get them to re-do the whole MBR toilet and also remove the border for my shower ledge. Initially they mentioned that they can't do it because they have to hack the original slope and we have to bear any leakage and etc. In the first place, we already mentioned we wanted it to be flat and not slope. Now they are giving me all kind of excuses -.- Also, not sure why they added the old school border at the edge of all the tiles. this is after they fixed it: For the common toilet, although nothing much is being done except for the shower kerb (which has the ugly border). As you can see this rough part here, I thought that it would be smooth and even out during cement screed and align with the door. I didn't notice this initially because evorich covered it with their vinyl capping, and i requested them to change to the metal strip. That's when you can see the real error here. Have to pay extra $ to "hack" this strip away so that my vinyl will align with the door. I dont know why there's this jagged border at all the entrance that is not being removed during cement screed and also why didnt ID highlight this problem to us at the start, end up we have to pay $100 to remove both jagged border for both toilets. le wife argue and nego with ID on the $100, end up all agree that we pay 50-50 each. So frustrated over these minor problems, why the ID didn't highlight such minor things to us and we have to find these faults/error ourself and then confront them on why this is happening. I dont like it when ID have this kind of "you don't ask, i don't say" kind of mentality. This is after hacking away that extra "border" and level with the floor, evorich will need to come down again to touch up. (hopefully no charges) Shouldnt it be like this from the start? the "entrance" is align with the door, and not have a weird extra "border" there?? How did you guys get over this "border" for those using vinyl?
  12. very nice.. i'm still waiting for my carpentry to arrive.. I like the idea of pull out drawer/table top, I should have included it somewhere. hahaha too late now.
  13. I bought from malaysia becos its 1/2 the price. Haha. i can pm u my momento painter details Cool. Finally a lego collector! 12 houses..! Wow gonna be a great challenge. I didnt buy that many modular becos i only have such a small space. for 5room, u can make use of e “study” area to fully display all lego there and make it a lego gallery. Should be wide enough..? my display cabinet will be all via the slot in acrylic kind with fixed glass panel at the sides. didnt wanted tic tac door becos once the modulars are in.. i dont think i will change or do anything to it anymore. I initially wanted to make like how LCS display their items (they uses “hidden” hinges. But it eats up alot space all around the border.
  14. Choo chiang got them, just buy from them and its cheaper than most retailers
  15. Hi Jas28, For my momento, I engaged someone to paint it because i know that i can't paint as nice too. At the same time, I treat it as a "lesson" because I still have a tin of new momento that i will be painting at my kitchen. From what I learnt from the painter, don't do the usual criss cross, you need to do random strokes (up, down, left, right). and try to connect each strokes to the pattern. The colour is from Sparkle Silver series - Granite Glint. My tips for painting momento: - make sure the wall is clean (no dirt, sand, dust) and is white in colour - apply wall sealer Nippon 5170 x 1 coat - apply momento primer (default primer is slightly thicker, if you want it to be not so thick and easier to paint, you can add a little bit of thinner to slightly dilute it) - paint your momento colour Regarding the momento "scrapper" in the tool kit, do note that this scrapper is only for all other series. except sparkle Gold/Silver/Pearl series. It works best with the enhancer series.
  16. agree, dyson fan is just for the looks and does not function as a fa/air cooler. Any aircooler/fan works better than Dyson. But dyson fan with the purifier is ok, becos it cleans the air as well. Dyson works best in aircon environment only.
  17. some updates from last night visit to the unit: The mosaic tiles that we selected for our shower area wasn't LAID! Not sure what the tiler are thinking, they wanna lay the mosaic at the top of the door area. (look at the unlaid area, they want to lay it there!) I realise that the side of the edges of the tiles are quite hollow, hopefully they fill in more cement nearer to completion. To make things worst, they LEAN THE TILES on the MOMENTO WALL! We "issued" our ID one last warning and told her to inform all her contractors that if we found another damage to the momento, they going to bear the full cost to repaint it. There's a small peel off, hole on the wall now. Luckily that area is covered by the platform bed, but not gonna let them off so easily for damaging the wall despite us telling them umpteen times! Today CityGas came to install the gas pipe and the tiler also fixed the feature wall. I not sure whether is it the mosaic tiles has no connecting pattern or the tilers anyhow put.. buti think it's random because on the website it looks like this:
  18. lovely house. the recess skirting is like a "gap" on top of the tiles right? Looks wide enough to slot in the led strip throughout the house to light it up. Hahaha
  19. does using a 35L helps? i bought the 35L model, but bath usually will be in 1 toilet as only 2 of us will be staying in the house. Will be staying there at least 15-20 years, so don't think will be moving after 5years. By then no body will want the old and dirty stuffs.
  20. i read that article before.. but newer flats shouldn't have that problem. I wanted to get AOS water heater but it was more than what i have budgetted for.. so end up gave up. well, have to try to know. But one thing i do realise is that the water pressure not consistent. Sometimes it comes out weak for a minute, then suddenly the pressure got boost and it remains strong after that.
  21. whatttt........ for real? water pressure seems ok when i tested on the bidet spray? i checked with hansgrohe and they say those i selected is for hdb use