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  1. Those are e basin taps and mixer shower tap for both toilet i running on storage heater + im on the last floor, so shld be ok i hope?
  2. hansgrohe directly. wanted to get from xtwostore but then i am not sure how the custom clearing thingy works. so give up the hassle, although the saving is like $200-400.. By the way, update on the MBR tiling works. And i also amended the title fo my tblog to 15shades of grey instead. LOL. Looking so pweety can't wait for everything to be done together with all the hansgrohe stuffs
  3. thanks@Songz, will call him nearer to completion. Most people quote me about the range of 1000 - 1200 for my requirement. I thought quite common leh for my requirement, i'm not asking for special blind/curtain also.. so don't know is it kenna carrot or it's really that kind of price.
  4. Thanks! Part 1 of taobao item came on Friday evening, the remaining items were delayed due to random custom inspection -.- Was glad that the trolley came, it was useful during this weekend as we arrange for alot deliveries to come. - Coffee Table from Courts - Shower/Basin stuffs from Hansgrohe - Bombshelter rack from RackSolutions were also up, we top up to the 2.1m height, so we can put stuffs at the higher tier. - also requested for NST Curtain to come give a quote. (they paste their ad all over the lift, so decided to just try calling them) Samples were brought, and we selected the stuffs fairly quickly. Not sure if it's expensive, but here's the price: $1190 for Day+Night curtain for MBR and Living, Roller Blind x 1, Venetian Blind x 1. Any one else got other lobang?
  5. very nice. i wanted to buy from Hafary the other time, but didn't ask if they sell loose pieces. Good to know! Might drop by there and get it. Mind sharing the item code or something?
  6. Sorry to hear about this. thanks for sharing with us. Please share on social media as well.
  7. if you see closely, there's cement below in the circle area. that tool at the top is the tool they use for "scrapping" the lines on the cement before laying the tiles Something like this one:
  8. ehh.. the switch design is different. Both are of different design so cannot compare them together. More of a preference. Schneider most commercial places uses like office, MBS, etc. Legrand: bigger rocker switch, works the same like MK but nicer finish and branding. Quality wise is better than MK. Schneider: has a led indicator, nicer and better "click" quality when u on the lights. (tends to be irritating and noisy overtime..?)
  9. @Zincman81 no updates on ur house? btw u stay which block/floor/unit?
  10. ceilingfan ah? toilet need to be so windy meh? can do false ceiling, but ididntwanted due to cost and it's not a need as i'm not doing any down light. and also you will need to use the better material (calcium silicate) for false ceiling due to moisture for a longer lasting false ceiling. it's only my block that has these unsightly pipes at both side of the service yard. (1 on the left of service yard, 1 on the right of service yard). Other blocks has only 1 pipe at the service yard. Also.. no idea why everytime my words get stick together when i have added a space.. any idea?
  11. @matchalatte haha no pipes. becos my waste water will go downstairs, and downstairs will have the pipes. LOL. And yes.. top floor ceiling is 2.8m. other floors are 2.6m. actually top floor we bo hua, we pay more for top floor and we have to pay for box up cos there's no partition board. But at least no pipes.
  12. last level dont have the partition board. soi box up the air con piping so it looked like this loh. before vs after:
  13. Updates on the aircon box-up. Looking not bad, as all the pipes are concealed now. The false ceiling for downlight + cove light at MBR is also up Living/Kitchen: Bedrooms: MBR: MBR Toilet:
  14. waa.. u sure you don't want to change all..? i cannot live with the white switches, so i'm changing ALL of them. ~$$$~ I'm going for the schneider series thou, legrand not too bad butle wife didn't like it.
  15. Lovely colours! Love all the greys and wood. Nice choice of wood tone. I see the grey/black switches in your 3D, are you going to get the legrand series? looking good, can't wait for your completed pictures.
  16. Updates on reno: 1) Pictures of the vinyl flooring by Evorich (Entrance) Quite pleased that the tile i selected for my kitchen/entrance kerb matches my Amsterdam Eggshell nicely. If you see the boxed area, it's actually the un-eveness of the woodgrain tile. Appears that this brand of tile is uneven. However it's not very eyesore, so its still alright. (Living Area) (Bomb shelter) (Corridor walkway) (Bedroom 2) (Bedroom 3) (the transition from Living to Bedroom Vinyl) (MBR) Guess what, the jointing between corridor to the MBR is SLANTED! I used the balance vinyl plank and also the measuring tape to confirm that my eye is not seeing things. Evorich will come and rectify once my door frame/door is up, so they can get it fix more accurately. Not entirely their fault, it's my ID told them that the door frame will be fixed by me (which in actual fact, ID forgot that it's done by her. *sighs* ) 2) Aircon installation completed by Gain City. Very professional and they achieve the look/layout that i want. Once everything is concealed it will be ok. Although there's alot of people saying not to conceal aircon piping, incase it leaks or whatever.. well i find it difficult to accept the trunking/wiring exposed. the MBR aircon piping goes through the bedroom behind, this way the aircon can look like just a standalone unit on the wall nicely. 3) painting completed, pictures can be seen from the other photos above. 4) momento completed Before vs After That's all for now. Tomorrow will be doing the false ceiling/box up (of air con pipings)