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  1. happy to share that things are finally looking good after dark days with our ID!
  2. was having the same problem a while back too!
  3. to be fair, i asked my sis in law too and cfm had inspector who ensured everything was in order prior to completion of reno.. she was even surprised when one time inspector told her he already come down to do further checks on his own, meaning without my sis in law's knowledge so she not aware until they meet again.. i think also its better to single out the troublesome ID than the company itself because its not fair for other dedicated and trusted IDs who work their best only to give homeowners their dream home. PS: My issue with my ID from another company got resolved finally! I
  4. the impression is that because theyre quite famous for having many happy clients, they charge high, my sis in law engaged them and quote is midrange for their newly awesome reno
  5. have a special time with your son. i hope this helps http://positiveparenting.com/
  6. supernightmare i can understand where you're coming from, afterall we only expect our ID to stay true to their commitment to us after signing up with them, your issue is very minor compared to what we are facing right now with our ID, 3d Inno...about our floor being uneven.. i cant wait to move past this stage! so neverwracking!
  7. We have an IP Cam at home, we got it only for less than hundred bucks and with this, i have peace of mind everytime i want to check on my children using my mobile phone or when i miss them, it also has 2 way voice so i can talk to them in loudspeaker or they can talk to me back, its like walkie talkie if you can imagine.. dont have idea on alarm to notify of any danger.
  8. i am almost in the same situtation with you elilo85.. learning experience always.