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  1. Some classic mid-modern pieces include: 1. Saarinen Tulip side table http://www.highbrowfurniture.com/tables/pr...aarinen_coffee/ 2. Isamu Noguchi Cyclone side table http://www.mid-century-modern.com/detail.p...rod_id=159& 3. Isamu Noguchi coffee table http://akaristore.stores.yahoo.net/nogcoftab.html Good quality reproductions can be purchased from Lorgans: http://www.lorgans.com/main.php?f=0
  2. Well said lapena. I think in this world where there are so many choices/options, it is up to the customer to make an effort to know what he/she wants rather than always rely on the salesperson who will have their own agenda and may not have your best interest at heart. As they say, caveat emptor!
  3. You can actually compare the various models at NEA website: Energy consumption comparison To be honest, I think one can purchase the most energy efficient fridge but its actual electrical consumption will depend on how the fridge is used and maintained like: 1. Do not leave the fridge door open for too long 2. Ensuring the doors are properly closed 3. Fridge is not overloaded nor underloaded 4. Cleaning the cooling coils of dust frequently 5. Checking that the door seals are in good condition I am partial to the Fisher & Paykel fridges as they tend to be very energy efficient considering their large volumes and they have large compartments to fit all kinds of cookware and foodstuff.
  4. owm

    Where to buy timber?

    Can buy laminates from Evershine Traders Corporation, Formica and other companies that some times place ads in local home and decor magazines.
  5. Ikea seems to have a table-top model that one can switch on/off and adjust brightness (2 levels only though) through a touch sensitive stem. Only thing is that it comes in red predominantly. Think there are two other colours but always out of stock.
  6. Sorry can't help you with this as I have never seen such a creature before but do keep us updated if you find out what it actually is! Looks more like a snail then a worm since it has a shell?
  7. owm

    Solar Film

    The most cost effective solution I know is from Basic Deco. Although the range is sold at HomeFix, Toyogo and other shops, it is good to go to the company direct as they can cut to the size you require. All you need is to supply your own labour. It is rather easy to put up.
  8. Plank is under Air Division: WeLoveAir Some of the pieces are nice but the prices are really high. Best wait for one their warehouse sales and see if you can pick one up for a song.
  9. Can you PM me Bobby's handphone number? Might have need of it shortly. I think I found the company you are referring to. Is it this? It is a bit mind-boggling to start on HA. So much info, choices out in the market!
  10. The Futurehome website is still up? Futurehome Pretty extensive range of products available. Will call them tomorrow and see if they still have a shop front. I will just start with a basic security system first with light automation and scale it up from there in the future. Too much information to handle so got to slowly digest it!
  11. Wow...thanks for the great links. Will do some reading up and research on HA and hopefully start my own project in the near future.
  12. Fantastic links and info! Thanks for sharing. Been planning on doing my own home automation project so these are really helpful. Any good links to read up on how to integrate the various modules together or how to go about home automation beyond buying the relevant parts?
  13. You are drilling into the metal frame that supports the windows. Probably have to shift at least 2cm away from the window edge. Also have to make sure you use the right wall plugs to ensure that the curtain rods are well secured and will not fall off.
  14. 1) The size of the drill bit will depend on the screw you will be using. Remember to use the right drill bit depending on the type of wall material you are drilling into (see point 3). 2) Should be a wall plug. 3) Different diameters to accept different screw size. Wall plugs are also differentiated between those designed to be used in solid walls (concrete, brick, mortar etc) and hollow walls (plasterboard, plywood, gypsum etc). Got to use the right type to ensure proper securing. I don't really like the generic red/green types. Not as well designed as those from Volkmar etc. that you can get easily from either Self-fix or Homefix.