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  1. Hey guys, I'm converting an attic space into a loft. I've just had the roof shingles replaced (clay) and an aluminium bubble foil radiant barrier installed underneath. My question is, would I benefit from also installing rockwool insulation underneath? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks snooze, feature invaluable info, still checking with ura, I did send them an email. yoongf, there’s no mcst in this development, but yes the structure is something to consider. I know of 2 neighbours in vicinity that have build lofts, allegedly legally, so I’m hoping foundations are strong enough. Obviously loft will still have to be as lightweight as possible. As far as running distance to escape- I was hoping a skylight would do as an exit strategy, will need to discuss with engineer. Also I heard of people managing to get this point relaxed by using fireproof materials amd firealarms (in UK, not sure how BCA handles this here). All things considered, I might have to make the plans a bit more modest, but have it built in a way I can easily expand it as DIY after project is complete. Within reason and keeping in mind structural integrity of course.
  3. Thanks snooze, it’s in line what I was expecting. I’m trying to contact URA to confirm, however it’s a lot harder than I thought, all their phone nrs end with an automated response and send me back to their website. Do you know how exactly the ‘maintanance only’ access looks? Let’s say I put aircon compressors or solar panels on the flat roof and build a door for access- where’s the line between maintanance only and full usage? thx!
  4. Hey guys, A big question that nobody seems to be able to answer to me is whether the property is considered landed or not. Technically it’s a strata titled apartment. The reason it matters is computation of GFA. For example th balcony, is it counted into GFA or not? In condos balcony could fall under 10% bonus gfa. Same goes for the rooftop terrace- does it count towards GFA if its uncovered? Anyobody dealt with a similar dilema before? thanks!
  5. Hi! I’m sure you’re already tired of sharing your contractors credentials, but can I ask for them one more time pls? thanks in advance
  6. Hi all! I've recently purchased an old (60's) 1078 sqft walk-up apartment between Little India and Serangoon. I'm planning to completely hack current layout and fake ceiling, install a 300 sqft loft and access to the flat roof on top of the kitchen (another 200 sqft). I've seen an apartment in the neighborhood that did juts that (they claim all legally). I also have a second private access in the back, I'll be building a wadding pool/jacuzzi there. I wanted to start this thread as I'll be documenting the process from start to finish and also hope to gain some advice. I'm a designer, working in the film industry and an artisan, skills I'm planning to partially utilize for this project. I'm not planning on employing an ID firm, instead will go with an architect or main builder directly. I'd like to present you my preliminary design. I realize some of it won't be doable on my budget, maybe I'm just crazy, but I need a place to start, so my new layout is an ideal case scenario. The style I'll be going for is a mix of mid-century modern mixed with good ol nostalgic Singapore, known from old apartments in Katong and Tiong Bahru. Mostly going for minimal, non pretentious look and raw materials. Cement screed, exposed brick, wood and plain white paint. You can find the plan in the attachment, also foollow the below link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9_NMEc2cSqJLTBJS2xabG9QVXM?usp=sharing You will find there: -walk through through the current state of the property. -the video visualization of hacking the walls, installing new layout, adding an attic floor etc. -mood boards/look for certain apartment features. What's next? I'm currently looking for an architect or main contractor with a history of similar projects. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! At the same time I'm working on a photo real virtual apartment, which I'll be able to walk into and judge the layout/flow/distances etc. before it get's built. It will allow me to get a feel of the apartment before it's built, also to convey my vision better to architect/builders.
  7. @snoozee would this be a question to ura or bca? @greatrox99 im a designer, but not interior designer
  8. Ok, thanks! I will contact BCA and find out the details. Worst case scenario I'd have to be ok with just building a small loft, the fixture type, I read on BCA website that under 5sqm I don't need a permit. Another question I have is about the skylights and dormer windows, anyone here has experience adding those in apartment blocks or walk ups like this? Is it generally allowed or frowned upon?
  9. Thanks for the info. This is an old building not newer then 70's. where can i purchase the building and structural plans, also URA i suppose? Attaching photo of the building in question.
  10. Hi Reno talkers! I've been lurking around the forums for a while. I'm getting ready to buy my first property and I need your help to get a better understanding of the correct process in Singapore, for the renovation i have in mind. I'm planning to buy an old 1100sqf top floor walkup apartment in Katong. It's located on the 4th floor , theres a fake ceiling and quite a large attic space spanning the whole apartment. I want to partially remove the fake ceiling (over the living room), reinforce the rest of the beams and add a proper staircase. I'm hoping to gain extra 40 meters of floor space. I also want to change the layout of the apartment, tear down artificial walls, redo marble flooring with wood and add skylight. I'm a designer, i know exactly what look I want to achieve, I'm also a pro in visualisations and renderings, however zero experience in "proper" architectural mechanical drawings and plans. My partner is also an event manager, skilled in managing construction crews (of a different kind of course). I'm hoping to skip an architect and work directly with PE and builders/contractors. Please tell me if the following game plan makes any sense to you ans if I'm missing some crucial step or planning steps backward or am just delusional 1. Previsualisations and Design. 2. because of increased proposed GFA need to check plot ratio of the building. Where can i check this? With MCST? With URA? Does this cost 1500$ For getting plans out or is this a new floorplan processing fee? 3. 90% of MCST approval. Can this be a problem? Would the neighbors be jelous or rather treat my loft as added value and pottential for their own properties upgrade? 4. PE endorsement and submission to URA because of increased GFA then to BCA for approval of structural additions and loads. 5. get a renovation contractor or general builder. Can they take care of previous point and get PE and BCA approvals themselves? In Singapore, What's the difference between a contractor and builder? The last step I want to split in 2 parts A. Demolition, constructing new partition walls, enforcing ceiling beams, plumbing, electrical. B. Carpentry, flooring, plaster work, tiles, cabines, appliances and cosmetic work. For this I'm planning to fly in my relative to help me out, or subcontract individual specialists. For the floors for example I'm considering diy job using oak palletes. Do you think this could be done with a 150k budget? Would be great if some of you knowledgeble folks can shine some light on this. Thanks in advance!