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  1. Anyone brought switch from Tb Is it reliable? Saw those nice Neo like switch selling at only $3-5. Review like not bad, but can seller remove the bad ones? 【香港英式插座黑色双联13A带USB英标方脚金属拉丝电灯制曲架开关】http://m.tb.cn/h.31oC5GS
  2. Sorry to dig this old thread Saw a few very nice chandelier in this site. Even notice that some locals shop also carry the same design! Wonder did anyone bring in from TB? And how's the feedback!
  3. hi sorry to dig this 10 year old thread, i will like to know if anyone buy from this company? https://eternitystone.com.sg/ this company dont have a physical shop, the table top they quote are somehow cheaper, 2.5k for 1.5m. abit risky, i would say.
  4. dear all, im wanted to install Kitchen backsplash that had magnetic properties that i can stick magnetic holding accessories that give the wall the clean look. may i ask if anyone know any product for this purpose? so far i only found Takara that offer panel for kitchen backsqlash, i wonder if there is more alternatives to this product? http://www.takara-standard.co.jp/ENG/wfe/
  5. Try the demo set in amk, the wind not strong one better try before you buy such a expensive new fan
  6. wat? $1 k for a chair? this chair cost $299 in Maserazi, i realize you need it to be 1.8 m? i think you can go down and ask if they had this length for you. https://www.facebook.com/maserazi/
  7. Now maserazi is carrying it, was quoted 4.6k for 2.5 seater, full leather Dresden sofa, the build of it is solid, very nice thick leather, however the warranty only one yr for leather one yr for mechanism. Not sure if it's worth that price for made in China product. Try hard to bargain but sales man say cannot go down any lower.
  8. Please show some pictures of your end product! Thanks!
  9. i went to Soon Bee Huat Show room to see the tiles. the whole slab they quoted me is about $1.4K for 78 feet but the sales girl mention to me this price have not include cutting and dry lay if needed. im will be making a 2.6 X 2.9 Marble Feature wall, will love to hear and see if there's any ideas that i can tap on! TIA!
  10. will keen to hear, looking to make a full height shoe cabinet to cover my dining/living area as well
  11. can pm me your contractor i dont have much to do, only TV cabinet + Shoe cabinet so dont want to send too much
  12. Opps actually i wanted to post in Feng shui section, anyway, we actually wanted to relocate the dinning table to the door side and build a shoe cabinet + bench to cover the dining area. do you think its ok to do that? appreciate if you can give some feedback on how you should place your dining table.
  13. hi everyone, I just brought an EC not long ago, now have a situation where by the fridge was facing the stove. Can i please have advise from the master here on how to remedying on below? Many thanks in advance!