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  1. Thank you for the very detailed answer!! Actually Beko is still priced very competitively but the models are really limited. Was asking on that question because am searching for a front load washer at the moment and contemplating whether to go with Beko due to the price. Would definitely put it in our list after your reply. I can understand that about the helper. When we use something ourselves 10yrs also won't spoil, but let them use, it only takes 10weeks to spoil.
  2. How's the beko washer holding up?? Now with more kids and more washes.would you still buy it??
  3. Hi, possible to share a layout of your flat with the lightings? I'm planning my flat with full track lights too. Same concern about creepy crawlies too. I see you have different lighting plans for the different rooms. Any particular reasons? Also how big are the fans you bought? 60" for the living room? 48" for the rooms?
  4. Thanks! The funny thing is using the App I was never able to find the same thing. But website shows it is under prime.. so irritated.
  5. Sorry to hear that you encountered so much trouble for this contractor at the end. If it's me I would definitely not pay them the last % as the works are not finished to an acceptable condition. Nice shelving from taobao. May I have the link too. Am considering that too.
  6. For the Blum cabinet. Which model did you choose? Did it work well fitted in?
  7. Yes yes I don't see the need too.. but i went sourcing out for over and hob... Then the package price seems cheaper.....argh... Well let's see how. Anyway your blinds looka great
  8. Nice glass top there for the table. Hope it did not end up the same price as getting the quartz top. I'm considering something like a bar top at the dining area now but may buy something off the shelf as pricing for build in stuff always exceed 1k
  9. So where did you get all your track lights in the end? They look small and nice. From JB tampoi too?
  10. Thanks for the picture! Okay, then I better get everything with the pumbling
  11. @dietgalvon Could I also get the contact for the acrylic panel too? Thanks!
  12. Yes! The kitchen sink and tap. I see you also bought the vanity sink from TB as well. A picture of that set up would be good too. Wondering if I need to get the entire set of pumbling stuff from TB directly
  13. Could I find out how much you paid for the vento fino fan? And where did you get it? Thanks!
  14. Hi Dietgalvon, your Taobao sink looks good, did you use all the fittings from Taobao? (as in the pipes below and such) Could you take a photo of the bottom of the sink for me? (or rather the fittings for the outlet) Am going to order my sink from Taobao very soon so I want to know if I need to order everything in =) How's the tap? Am prepared to buy a similiar tap as yours, does it come with counter weight for the pipe to slide back in?