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  1. Shop selling paint in the industrial park should have. check with power J trading at Blk 1 Yishun or any hardware shop around your area. Acetone is mainly use in Electronic Manufacturing to degrease; cleaning of thick film etc. If you want to use on paint, you can use turpentine 'da ping'. For quick dry paint, use thinnner 'tian na'.
  2. Use a fine metal file to smoothen the edges of the alumn. Hold both end of the file and run it along the edges of the alumn; i.e "T" U won't get a smooth finishing if the file is not 90degree to the alumn.
  3. You loosen, not the screw mounting the stay to the cupboard. It it the fastening of the stays to the mounting bracket.
  4. Limited free goodies bag worth $70/-, try your luck: http://www.abbott.com.sg/totalcomfortgift/gifts.aspx
  5. Unscrew to remove the whole part, bring it along to check with hardware shop. http://www.seawalkhardware.com/products.php?id=18
  6. Free pacifier - log in to facebook, MAM Singapore http://www.ripple.com.sg/en/ent/index.php
  7. Check with Teck Cheong Alumn, Pang Giap and Alpha metals. The insert is make of hard plastic, the quality is not that good in holding heavy weight like glass. Maybe, get acrylic sheet and maybe you can use a piece of wood; cut to that insert shape to join your alumnimum.
  8. Continuous straight grain is Hairline finishing, short grain is 4B finishing. Grade 304L is mainly use for residential purpose. Grade 316L is mostly for chemical industry and marine industry uses. For fastener like screw, bolt and nut, it's mainly 304 and 316 too. If your sink is stainless steel in hairlsine finishing, get a pc of wool(brown colour, something like scotchbrite from hardware shop to polish it.
  9. If it is stainless steel, you can polish it but if it is chrome to stainless steel finishing, it rust. For your case, I think it's from the water. Just polish it. ** Stainless steel from Japan has a better quality than those from Finland or Thailand.
  10. http://www.seawalkhardware.com/products.php?id=18
  11. Better get a contractor to do it. It's not a simple task to carry, transport and fix suchh a big piece of mirror. You need something to suck onto the mirror when carrying or fixing up. Mirror is most likely to be crack when place in laying down flat position.
  12. Unless you are not expecting a good smooth and lasting finishing, whatever treatment done on plywood and whatever brand of paint and primer you use, it's a waste of your effort. The plywood just keep on absorbing the liquid, you will see a lots of grains appearing.