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  1. Hi Zio, can you PM me your electrician's name and number? Thanks!
  2. Thought false ceilings and L box should be completed within 1 day? How come still take them so long...faintz
  3. sorry borrow the thread from a seller's perspective. Do we have to be present when the buyers are doing the inspection? We've already moved out of the old place, if not, i'll get my agent to open the door for them. Thanks
  4. Hi Kalista, Nice layout you have there! and quite innovative to be able to incorporate a play corner for your kids. Are they the same gender that they share the same room? My baby is still young and i do not have a play corner for her, think i'll have to give up displaying my precious moments collection if i leave a play corner for her. anyway, keep it up. You have a lovely place there!
  5. nice layout! the valuation of your unit is quite high huh? is it near the mrt station?
  6. Your MBR has the really inviting looks "come come sleep here....." hehe
  7. Our HLE application took more then 3 weeks. The officer keep delaying and saying she didn't rec'd the documents when we submited the application BY HAND at HDB. End up we went down to HDB and see the officer and insist that she process our application immediately. 20 mins was all she needed.
  8. Cherry

    Roller Blind

    Thanks, my windows are 208cm, ikea longest is only 200cm. Think i have to go with the blind installers instead now.
  9. yokine9a, The Ikea curtains cannot fit my living room windows, the longest one are too small for my windows and hubby don't want to spilt into 2 panels of roller blinds. your roller blinds are cheap! Can you PM me the contacts? Do they do curtains as well? Need to do for my MBR. Thanks!
  10. Cherry

    Roller Blind

    yokine9a, how long is your single panel of roller blind? my hubby thinks if i use 2 panels of roller blinds for our 4 panel windows will be ugly and he would like to have a single panel of roller blind. Agree that quality does not come cheap for roller blind. If he insist, i'll have no choice but to get the more expensive roller blind :-p
  11. Cherry

    Roller Blind

    anyone knows what is the longest for 1 panel of rollerblind? knitez, i think the ikea ones are cheap and good but my window panels very long, can't fit ikea ones..hiaz
  12. hakumama, we got Magnum 2+1 (1 is the rocking cum recliner), it indeed stuck you there!!
  13. anyone DIY their curtains from Ikea? I'm thinking of doing that now....save loads..haha
  14. yours is the block next to the school? Cos i viewed that time, the agent told us that the LUP will be somewhere end 2009-2010. The owners were very FIRM about their asking (according to the agent), my hubby like the unit but i don't, that's why didn't offer.
  15. jonkrisiggy, Congrats on getting your keys soon and getting so many things ready! Your unit looks like the one we viewed in march, exact same door frames and arch! Is it lift landing? The unit we viewed was not lift landing. You paid your agents commission already? How come so fast? Thought at least must wait till completion then give?