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  1. Spam chop chop!! Doing minor or major reno?
  2. Spam chop chop! Jul already collected key, now which stage of reno are you in?
  3. Hi wolverine, How, your phone works or not?
  4. Hi isasoap, that's nice, may I know how much you pay for that?
  5. Hi all, The sales man say that storage water is more hungry for electricity, is it true?
  6. Hi, any ideal how much a 5 room flat in sebawang cost?
  7. Hi, Anybody know where Turbo is from?
  8. So $815 is before or after gst?
  9. Hi guys, so this pressure problem is actually hdb or tc problem?
  10. Hi, Can someone tell me what is the price difference between 1 with 2 small button switch & 1 with 2 big button switch?
  11. Hi, I heard they collect full payment before installation, is it true?
  12. Hi all, when we buy from carrefour, is it that we have to pay first & later they come to install? or we only pay them after installation?
  13. Hi all, do you guys got any ideal ici or nippon paint is better?
  14. Hi zentheman, do you encounter this problem, there's a lot of small particles stick on the clothes after washing?