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Dream House Vs. Pig Sty

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ur spiral lights vvvvvvv nice!!!

btw where did u get it from? wanted this kind of light for my balcony but too bad i cant find :(

I got it from China... :notti: custom-made.. the original is too big for my area.. :P


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All your lights are very nice!! Going to ask my sis to source for some in Shanghai liao! hahaha so nice.... *envious*

Hehe.. good good.. think Shanghai also hav a lot of beautiful lights.. but price might be slightly exp than Guangzhou..

then again.. compare to singapore price.. any light you bot there will be worthwhile.. :notti:

Orh.. one more thing, if ur sis only will stay at Shanghai for a short while, then better settle the lights within the first few days.. coz a lot of lights are not off-the-shelf products.. the shops need to make the order to the factory first which takes at least 5-7 days...


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On 9/1/2008 at 9:10 AM, Jessie said:

hi hi Yan,

hahaha....me & kastlekonfusion are diff person lah... :)

me wanna take over that bamboo holder if you dun mind lor.

cos my current dun hv at all......keke :)


may I know where did u get the suitable bolt to install it?


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