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What Can You Do If Your House Has Got Afternoon Sun?

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Your best bet is to avoid such a house, in the first place. When viewing the house, I would carry a compass with me to check for west/east facing living or bedrooms. I rejected many (very good) flats before I settled on a north-south aligned one because of the blasted sun in my old flat that used to roast the living and dining rooms after lunch time.


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morning sun

u will get morning sun shinning thru ur hse in the morning, thus no sunday sleeping late :sport-smiley-004: but its gd to wake up early :thumbs up:

hse will be warm for the 1st half of the day and cool downs after 3pm. so by the time u get hm around 6-7pm, ur hse is cooled :)

must wash clothes or bring out quilt, mattress early for sun shinning if u want to.

afternoon sun

u will get afternoon sun from around 12 noon onwards.

the whole hse will be warmer for the 2nd half of the day and cool downs only around 7.30pm onwards. old folks or ppl who like warmer feel due to arithis etc. will like afternoon sun.

during the afternoon sun, u can sun ur mattress, clothes etc.

but the sun shine direction will change slightly due to seasonal changes (in SG, its monsoon changes)

my old hse has all the afternoon sun and i hv to draw the curtains in the afternoon thus its always dark and much warmer than my current hse where i hv the morning sun. usually up to 8pm, my old hse will still hv a warmth lingers on. sometimes during the hotter season, it gets quite unbearable so our fan is on all the time and also increase in use of air-con.

for eg. usage of air-con for my old hse compare to my new hse

new hse: 1 week uses the most twice. usually on for sleeping, so start around 12midnight to 6am

old hse: 1 week uses 3 to 4 day. usually start from the time we get home n was watching tv to the next day. eg. 8pm to 6am.

so you can imagine how scotching hot my old hse is... to make matter worse, there's no trees/greenery so there's no wind :(


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