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Window Grilles Contractor

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someone pls PM Alex contact


Hi, can pm me his contact as well...? Thanks!!! :)

I have PMed both of you.


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Can you PM me Alex contact too.


For those who already hv Alex contact, pls pm me pls. thx

Hi, I have PMed both of you.


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hope this is the right place to post this.

i got a quotation for doing up windows for my 4 room flat.

can anyone advise if this is ok or i can get a better deal?

1) To supply & install white powder coated aluminium sliding window

c/w blue glass ****, dining & kitchen = $1190

2) To supply & install black powder coated aluminium casement window

c/w blue glass at 3 bedrooms = $1040

3) To supply & install black / white powder coated aluminium window grilles

for whole house except 2 toilets =$1050

4) To supply & install white powder coated lourves at 2 toilets = $400

Your inputs are much appreciated... :help:


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Decided to share my experience on Yick Hong Aluminium (WIndow Grilles contractor).

Initially I approached the popular Well*** (Er**) for quote for my balcony grilles, yard area window grilles, and wrough iron gate, n was quoted $2.6k.

My contractor (Jason from U&B Reno) gave me his window contractor, Yick Hong's contact to get a quote directly so that will be cheaper than through Jason.

Anyway, was quite comfortable with Alex from Yick Hong, when he came for measurements n quote (quoted me $2.5k).

Decided to engage Yick Hong though not much difference in price with Well***.

I had asked Alex to help check the window handles & help change if any fautly/ loose. With his own initiative, Alex changed the set in the children room to handles with locks! I was very pleasantly surprised! He also didnt charge us for any additional cost for the handles, ~12 nos in total.

I also asked him to check for my mum's place and change all the remaining ones in my new pl. Of course, paid him for the handles etc.

We are definitely quite happy that we got Alex to do the window grilles job for us!

pls pm alex's contact too! thanks!


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Hi, may i have Alex contact too? thanks!

Today Alex came to the house with his brother. Mine is a small job - change window grilles and install wrought iron gate. He is very friendly and professional. Honest too, he told us only change what is necessary and made his recommendations accordingly.

i confirmed the order for the works and was surprised to hear him say that whether it is a big job or small job, he does not take deposit. He accepts payment after the job is done. Incredible! truly impressed with his service. The installation work will be around 3rd week of April and I'll provide an update on the outcome immediately thereafter.


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