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Air-con Group Buy

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Looking for good contractors? Click here for your request
their pricing is similar to Natural Cool's...but cheaper than hong tar's or GC...

for most of us, they would be an unknown entity as compared to Natural Cool

which have been around for awhile so their installation work is known...

im not slamming them or anything but maybe u guys shd check this out since we are in a sharing mood here?


just bought a single split inverter last night at $200 lesser than forcesguy contact..

the catch is, u gotta have some old aircons to trade in...give them a call to check.

Good luck with ur choices! :)

Hi there,

Can you email the contact of your aircon guy to me? cool_and1@hotmail.com

Thankss, am looking for system 3 or 4 depending on the price for my new home.



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Just wondering how is the group buy program going on? I have passed aron's contact to many bros/sis here. Any good or bad remarks regards to aron's service/price?

have not met Aron yet, only conversed with him over the fone. He is very friendly and not pushy at all. His product knowledge is there. And his pricing is really competitive. ;)


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Great to hear that. I believe they will do a good installation for you.

hi forceguy, thanks. they did. my trunking was done yesterday. service was good and pretty efficient. they installation guys were also very polite.. When they finish with the installing and was plastering up the holes in the walls, they make a special effort to plaster it very nicely after they found out i'm not plastering the walls of the house. :good:


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hi forceguy,

can you PM me the contact too?

just bought my resale flat and air conditioning is a 'must-have' for me....



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