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Recommendation Of Fsm

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how come i only received the bad list but not the good list?

Lol, don't know meh?

What if pick one from good list and tasted bad? Should add 'disclaim' clause in good list?

Who does such to spoil own name?

Receiving such is indifferent from receiving all under BAD list, then pick one and try yr 'luck' lor.


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Thank you Ivy.

Got the bad FSM list.

I was planning on consulting Davind Tong, but he is on this list.

the other FSM i thought of consulting was Edwaard Liu, but no reviews about him on this forum :(

These 2 fit my budget of within $1000 for home audit...

Thought of Mr. Chang, but he is expensive and also based on reviews he suggests lots of reno changes which we cannot do...

Any other recommendations for good FSM?

Aiyo...there are hundreds out there....better find your own. Everybody expectation differentzzzzz


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Hi Ivy,

So sorry. I did not receive it. Can you send it to me again? Many thanks in advance. And so paiseh for asking you again.



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