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Evorich High Resistance Flooring

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Hi everyone, we have just installed Evorich Vinyl Flooring - Amsterdam Eggshell series a few weeks ago.

However, we noticed some planks had white squiggly lines that go against the grain patterns, while some planks had normal grain patterns.
The white squiggly lines actually looked like manufacturing defects to me. 

May I know if anyone encountered similar issues?

P/S: My apologies, I am relatively new to the forum and could not attach the pictures onto the thread > <


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Disappointed with the sales tactics of one of the more well known flooring company Evo**ch flooring.

Paid a deposit in Jan 2016 and was promised the deposit will be refunded if I changed my mind.

Contacted them a few days later to get the refund as I decided to go for tiles instead.

One month later still have not received the cheque. Contacted them and was told the cheque still waiting for approval from the Managing Director as "he is still overseas" 

Not sure if the Managing Director will ever come back and if I will ever get my refund back. 


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Hi all, we bought an Evorich package and would like to sell it as my hub would like the contractor to do our flooring (so that there is no dispute). Pm me for more details.

Actually struggling to come to decide. Anyone did vinyl flooring and regret? I somehow can't find the perfect Color too.

on a side note, they have another sale this weekend. Any kind soul can update the pricing? Heh



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On 5/3/2016 at 9:56 AM, lifeissimple said:

Anyone purchase from evorich over the weekend at expo? How much Issit ah? 

How much is the latest price?


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