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Spilled Wine Patch On Marble Floor

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On 11/06/2015 at 3:16 AM, HockSeng said:

Think in terms of grinding ;)

Yes grinding to polish marble is not advisable as the marble will just become thinner and uneven

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On 25/07/2012 at 11:30 AM, taichipanda said:

Red wine spilled on marble is not just corroded the polishing, is sip into the marble cos it is pores in nature. :o

Thats the problem with marble, have to maintain, but it gives a "Classy" feel

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On 05/11/2012 at 4:47 AM, LastActionHero said:

You have to use something called HCL89, you rub it slowly in circles, you will see the patch get lighter and lighter.

You can get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com

Remember dab it slowly and not wash it with force wink.gif

I purchased the HCL89 thing from http://hcl89.byethost10.com as there was some stain on my marble floor as i dropped some kahlua liquor on it when i was having a party earlier this year

After using the HCL89 the stain has disappeared for good

Tried alot of stuff to get rid of the stain, but seems only the HCL89 worked

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