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  1. If for delivery and price the best is still from those in aliexpress or tabao, very few local shops do delivery from what i know, also when buying check the maximum load
  2. Very true in the past i had coloured grouts and they seem to get dirty fast and sometimes the simple white grouts are just the best in my opinion
  3. One thing i want to ask about sealing the stone is that can sealing be done for all stones or are there only certain kinds of stones only that can be sealed?
  4. When buying a drill bit TS always remember to buy the red tipped ones in your case
  5. For aluminum ramp i am not too sure but if you are looking for a wood ramp trimming, you can try sungei kadut or jalan besar area as there are a few wood workshops there that would be able to help you
  6. Go to IMM there are many showrooms there selling bathroom accessories of various brands
  7. TS do you have a picture of how the bad the bottom part of your door looks like?
  8. Actually why would you want carpeting, it gets difficult to clean after a while
  9. The thing about mold is it spreads to even the non mold part
  10. Personally i would do it as it would just be good practice especially for landed
  11. This seems about right, but it also depends on the quality of the plaster used
  12. I purchased the HCL89 thing from http://hcl89.byethost10.com as there was some stain on my marble floor as i dropped some kahlua liquor on it when i was having a party earlier this year After using the HCL89 the stain has disappeared for good Tried alot of stuff to get rid of the stain, but seems only the HCL89 worked