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  1. I remember my friend's condo also has such holes and he said his contractor said it was due to age of the tiles as the marble expands and contracts over the years
  2. Mold always occurs in areas with high moisture especially in toilets or rooms that are near toilets
  3. A picture would really be helpful to know the issue you are facing TS
  4. You can also use something called HCL89 to restore your tiles back to its original self I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com For me i find this the most effective in restoring your tiles back in situations like these My 2 cents
  5. For 2 sinks might be difficult unless its those co-joined ones
  6. Looks rather nice if you can diy it yourself easily
  7. When you say type you mean the different types of dirt?
  8. Granite is always like that, its a tough stone and really value for money
  9. You make it seem so scary, hahaha
  10. This is a much better idea, but if TS really have the tools and the know how, can give it try
  11. TS you have already done this? I ask because i am also considering something similar
  12. Sullivan

    Wood Fireplace

    I think this fireplace maybe is those for show only, not a real one
  13. Parquet is always the nicest, but the most difficult to maintain
  14. I think its probably to make it blend in with the surroundigs
  15. Actually is there a difference between hardwood and parquet?