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An Experiement In Designing My New Home

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Hi MK,

A very long and stressful journey indeed.

Yup, Yup! lots of storage, something I think we'll need to keep the house clean and clutter free. ;P

Am sure after the furniture and all the other items come in, it wouldn't look spacious. ;p

Keeping with the simple philosophy, we didn't do much for the bedrooms except for hte master bedroom with the cabinets. ;p

Thank you for visiting the blog and reading. much appreciated. =)

How about your bedrooms? Your house is really spacious! Lots of storage space. It has indeed been such a long journey for both you and us! Jia you!


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Hi Jaykr,

can let me know where do you get this stainless steel cabinet and how much does it cost? what is the dimension? Thinking of getting one as well to replace the wooden cabinet. wooden cabinet not suitable in toilet environment. Thanks!

Hi Edmund,

As requested, here are the photos of the inside of the cabinet . Hope it helps.





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Paiseh bro! Haven't been following actively especially since ur question abt the brick wall.. bcos i no input to contribute lor.. :P Glad that the wall turned out well! :)

Just caught up with the updates... Wow! Very nicely & tastefully done up, plus the space!! Really make me drool over it lor! :bleah:

Congrats on ur reno completion!! Must give u pat on ur back for the accomplishment!! :good:

When u moving in (or have u moved in liao)? If not, now 7th mth liao.. R u or ur family pang dang?


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I wrote a post in one of the T-blogs on curtains and thought it would be good to include it my T-blog as well.

In my quest for curtains for my house I learned a lot of things. The cost of curtains can be very cheap or expensive depending on many factors . So take in consideration all these factors before deciding on a price. If you see the price is high but the factors is low then they are probably hiking up the price. Ask the curtain person to explain to you and if they don't or are hesitant then you need to make the decision if you want to go with that person.


1. Material type - There are so many types of material that you can choose from. Each material has a different cost depending on the material it is made from. pure and not pure materials. e.g. Pure cotton, nylon, polyester etc... or mixed 60% polyester 40 cotton , Organza? etc....

2 Country of production - Which country is the curtain materials made from? China? Korea? Taiwan? Turkey? Belgium? Spain? etc... Each country also has price difference and material look and feel difference, durability, weight, transparency etc... Even within China there is high quality and low quality material .

3. Design of material - Does the curtain material have any designs or is it just plain ? Is the design burned it or not? all these adds to the cost.

4. What type of curtain design are you looking for? Eyelet ? pencil pleat? with toning? borders? pencil pleat? depending on the design you choose it can cheaper or expensive, certain designs take more material and thus cost more.

5. Material usage - How many different designs , colors , toning, borders etc... are you using for your curtains for the whole house? If the material is all the same, it would be cheaper if the material is all the same. If it is different you would definitely have wastage that would add up to the cost.

6. Types of curtain needed- Day only? Day & Night? Black out or not? Full length or half? etc....

7. Track type - Rails? Rods? Double? Single? - Are you using wooden rods or rails? Design style? Double wooden , extended non extended. There are cheap and expensive ones.

8. Accessories - Valances, trimming, tails, tassel etc.... There are cheap ones and expensive ones.

9. Finally the height and width of the area you want to install curtains.

All these add to the cost of curtains . So whether you got a good deal or not depends on these factors.

So review your curtain details and you will be able to find out if the cost is high or low.

One other thing, you really need to be aware off is after sales services. How is the after sales service , because you will often need more than one curtain and if there are issues later, you should be able rely on them to help you fix it often at no extra charge if it's a small thing or its their material fault.

Hope these help you.



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Hi Jaykr, how are you settling in? Think you have stayed at your new place for a few months already? Oh we haven't seen your fully furnished place. Share some pictures :)


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The Before:


The after:


Pics from here: http://www.wivesunscripted.com/2012/04/18/distressing-a-brick-wall/

Some instructions:



If you intend to go ahead with this - suggest you get Alan to do this FOC, as a form of rectification. Agree with ProjectH, Alan should be fixing this for you.

love the cozy feel!!!

see our blog


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Hi Jaykr, been reading through your blog over and over.. Really love the brickwalls!! PMed you regarding the place where you bought the craftbrick and the transport company but i think your mailbox is full! Can i check how much you saved by getting the materials yourself? TIA


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